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The wife of Usman Chowdhary, the gunman killed in the Umesh Pal murder case, has asked police questions.



In the Umesh Pal murder case, police eliminated another gunman seen in CCTV footage. Usman was hit by bullets in three places during the encounter which took place in Kaundhiyara area of ​​Prayagraj around 5.30am on Monday morning. The police are raiding in search of other shooters involved in this murder case.

Serious allegations from wife of shooter Usman Chaudhary

strong points

  • Police killed gunman Usman Chowdhary during an encounter in Prayagraj
  • Usman Chaudhary’s wife questioned Prayagraj police action
  • The wife said Usman Chowdhary was home on the day of the February 24 incident.
Prayagraj: The wife of gunman Usman Chowdhary alias Vijay, who was killed during the encounter, has made several serious allegations against Prayagraj police. He says the police didn’t catch Usman anywhere. The police were in front of his house all night. They left at seven in the morning. Usman had been missing since Sunday evening. The police deceived him and asked him to call Usman. I knew these people would meet my husband. I called my husband all night.

Usman Chowdhary’s wife said my husband was not a criminal. He worked as a driver in Ghurpur. On February 24, when Umesh Pal was murdered, Usman also came to the house. He was in the house all night. The next morning he went to Satna to plead his brother’s case. From there he returned to Prayagraj on 2 March. My husband had an encounter with the police.

“Usman had gone to Satna to plead for his older brother in Naini prison”

Significantly, Usman Chowdhary’s older brother, Rakesh Chowdhary, is also housed in Naini prison. He is a columnist and has many serious cases, including murders, recorded against him. According to Usman Chowdhary’s wife, she had traveled to Satna to plead Rakesh Chowdhary’s case. Several media claimed that the Atiq Ahmed gang had converted Usman Chowdhary. Previously, his name was Vijay Chowdhary. Law and Order UP ADG Prashant Kumar said he was investigating the conversion case.

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