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the yogi government tightens the noose on the black market of food grains



Barilly: The Yogi government has tightened the grip on the food mafia which has stolen the ration from the poor. To check the black market of food grains, its online monitoring began. GPS has been installed on all vehicles transporting food grains in the Bareilly division through one-step door-to-door delivery. Tracking will be done by GPS. Tracking will be done from FCI godowns to Kotedar stores through the integrated control command center. This will save revenue of Rs 5.87 crore in the Bareilly division in a year.

As part of the one-step door delivery under the National Food Security Act, approximately 20,839 metric tons of wheat and 31,258 metric tons of rice are distributed to the poor every month in Bareilly department. Previously, food grains of the poor came to district godowns from FCI godowns. After that, he used to go to the warehouses on the block. Blocks were transported from godowns to ration stores. Because of that, there was black marketing. Due to frequent transport changes, thousands of rupees were spent.

Due to the implementation of the Yogi government single-deck delivery system, the government will save about 5.87 crore in revenue every year in Bareilly division alone. 328 trucks were deployed to transport the wheat and rice of the poor to the ration stores in the department of Bareilly. All trucks are equipped with GPS. They are tracked through the Integrated Control Command Center. The government has a direct eye on the food grains of the poor. In the department of Bareilly, lawsuits were filed against 18 mafias for the black marketing of food grains in one year.

The car reaches the ration stores
DSO Neeraj Singh said the GPS system has been installed in all transport vehicles engaged in the distribution of food grains. So that they can be monitored online. Find out where the car is after taking the food grains. When did he reach the kotedars? He said all vehicles are connected to the Control Command Center. Government ration stores are moved to the main road. Cars do not reach shops between streets and densely populated. This causes problems. Therefore, all stores should be moved to main roads. If the kotdars’ shops are not moved to the main road, their licenses will be cancelled.

Direct look of the department on 52 godowns of the department of Bareilly
DC Food Rajan Goyal informed that swift action has been taken against those who black market food grains. Several lawsuits have been registered against the food mafia throughout the Bareilly department. 52 municipalities in the Bareilly department are under CCTV surveillance. Once the food grains are released from it, they are tracked by GPS. As many as 5,400 ration stores in the Mandal are engaged in food grains. GPS has been installed in 90% of vehicles. All trains are connected to the integrated control command center and the DSO office.