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The young man killed the girl for protesting the sexual assaults



Kanpur: A painful incident has come to light from Kanpur in UP. On Tuesday morning, the young people of the village, accompanied by his companions, killed the young girl by slitting her throat with a sharp weapon. After committing the crime, the accused fled. There was chaos in the village after the girl’s murder. Relatives of the deceased allege that the murderer used to assault the girl. A complaint has also been filed with the police. At the same time, the police and the forensic team, which obtained the information about the murder, inspected the scene of the incident. The corpse was taken into custody and sent for an autopsy.

The girl’s father, who lives in Mirzapur Atwa village in Mazhavan, located in the Bidhanu police station area, works as a farmer. There is a hut about 200 meters from the house, where the cattle are tethered.

The man’s daughter, Seema (22), was tending the cattle on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Randhir from the village came with two or three of his companions, and repeatedly attacked the girl’s neck with a sharp weapon. The girl fell to the ground in a bloody state. He died instantly.

the younger sister saw the incident
Randhir from the village was leading a deadly attack on the border with his companions. Nisha made noise and gathered the villagers. It was chaos in the family. Relatives informed the police of the incident. The villagers began to row and the crowd began to move towards the accused. On this more police were called. The police arrested the accused in a house in the village itself.

the accused had a habit of assaulting
Relatives of the deceased told police that Randhir assaulted Seema in 2020. Randhir always used to molest along the way, he also used to fight in protest. A complaint was filed against Randhir about this. Since then, Randhir considered himself a Khunnus of the family. Because of this, he brutally murdered the girl.

accused arrested
According to DCP Pramod Kumar, a girl was murdered by a young man from the village with a sharp weapon. The accused was arrested with the help of the villagers. A file is being recorded following a complaint from the family of the deceased.