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There is no request for questions from the Minister of Railways, this did not happen even after several attempts… Hema Malini raised her voice in Parliament



Lucknow: Mathura MP Hema Malini reiterated her former demand during Lok Sabha Question Time during the budget session. In fact, the BJP MP for Mathura, Hema Malini, has been calling for a direct rail service between Mathura and Aligarh for a long time. He believes that operating a direct train between Mathura and Aligarh will not only benefit the local people but also the pilgrims coming to the Brij area. Along with this, the railways will also benefit.

During Question Time, Hema Malini said: “I am not asking the Minister of Railways to accept this proposal in the public interest and in the interest of the railways. It is about the direct rail link between Mathura and Aligarh. For which a budget should be set and this work should be done.” Let’s start soon.” He said that along with the demand from local people as well as pilgrims coming to the Brij area, this direct rail connectivity is also important from the perspective of rail connectivity and benefits. Bareilly route may have a connection point at Mendu. Hema Malini said that this has not happened even after several attempts, so I demand that it be done as soon as possible. On this, the Minister of Roads iron said take note of the request.

Let me tell you this is not the first time, Hema Malini has already requested direct train service between Mathura and Aligarh. Also in 2021, during Lok Sabha Question Time, the Hema Malini maintained this demand. At that time he had suggested adding a railway line through Hathras. Praising the Ministry of Railways, he had said that he had given many projects to the Ministry of Railways, which were implemented. Today, passengers coming to Mathura station enjoy it. He said that until a few years ago the Agra Fort-Kathgodam Express train passed through Mathura but was stopped after the meter gauge was closed. This train directly connected Mathura to western Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Consideration should be given to restarting it and a direct rail service from Mathura to Aligarh should also be started. Both of these railroads can be connected to Hathras.