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There was a dispute with his wife about love-love…give leave to celebrate, clerk’s letter went viral in Kanpur – clerk’s leave letter viral in manager approved leave Kanpur block education



Kanpur: In Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, education department clerk’s leave letter is going viral. The clerk wrote a letter to the Block Education Officer, in which he asked for three days’ leave to get his wife out of the mother’s house. The clerk wrote in the letter that there was an argument with the woman about love. The wife returned with the children. I have to pick up my wife, accept my leave. Simultaneously let the station go.

The viral letter from the clerk of the Department of Education remains a topic of discussion in Kanpur. As soon as the clerk’s letter went viral on Tuesday, Department of Education officials took notice. Registrar Shamshad Ahmed was granted leave with immediate effect. People showed sympathy for the clerk as soon as the letter went viral on social media.

The clerk wrote in the letter…
While writing a letter to block education officer Prem Nagar, the clerk wrote that there had been a dispute with his wife over love. The woman left for her mother after becoming angry with the eldest daughter and her two children. Due to which I am very mentally injured. He must go to the village to bring him home. You are requested to grant permission to leave the station as well as accept occasional leave from August 4 to 6.

truth in the letter
The clerk had been worrying about time off for several days, but due to the school opening, he was not getting time off. When the clerk didn’t understand anything, he wrote a letter to the block’s education officer stating the truth, but the furlough was approved as soon as the clerk’s letter went viral.
Admission – Sumit Sharma

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