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This mosque in Aligarh was covered before Holi



The Abdul Karim Chauraha Mosque in Aligarh was covered with fabric and foil. In fact, there was a lot of ruckus here over Holi due to the colors dropping. To avoid this, the mosque is covered every year on the instructions of the district administration.

Aligarh Mosque
Covered Aligarh Mosque during Holi

strong points

  • Aligarh Mosque covered to avoid controversy ahead of Holi
  • There was a ruckus in front of the colors of Holi, the district administration is on alert
  • The mosque is located in Abdul Karib Chauraha, a very sensitive area of ​​the city.
Aligarh: Like every year, this year too the mosque in Abdul Karim Square in Aligarh was covered before Holi. It is said that this measure was taken so that the walls of the mosque would not be damaged by the colors of Holi. Abdul Karib Chauraha is a very sensitive area of ​​the city. On Holi day, people from all over the neighborhood gather here and play colors. Significantly, for six years, the mosque has been covered to avoid any controversy.

Let us tell you that in the first few years there were many times rowdy due to the color falling on the mosque on the day of Holi. That is why the district administration, the regional Muslim society and the mosque committee cover the mosque with cloth and foil to maintain peace and order. This action takes place one day before Holi. The district administration maintains an adequate police force here every year.

The mosque is covered for six years

The Muslim community is satisfied with this decision of the Aligarh administration. He welcomed this move by the administration. Haji Mohammad Iqbal, who is associated with the administration of the mosque, said that following the orders of the district administration, we covered the mosque so that paint splatters do not fall on the walls. Local resident Akil Pahalwan says that every year since Yogi government came to power in UP, the mosque is covered with aluminum foil to prevent any untoward incident.

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