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Traffic in Ghaziabad: Long traffic jam from Lal Kuan to Mussoorie in Ghaziabad Queue of vehicles increased problems



Ghaziabad: There has been a traffic jam-like situation in Ghaziabad since Friday morning. For this reason, people who come out of offices face many problems. Long lines of vehicles are observed. One lane of the Meerut road has been set aside for kanwariyas carrying Jal Ganga water from Haridwar. For this reason, the pressure of vehicles is felt on other roads. Its effect has been visible on the city’s traffic system for two or three days. Friday morning, a traffic jam of several kilometers was observed on the road from Lal Kuan to Mussoorie.

The distance between Lal Kuan and Mussoorie is about 13 kilometers. After leaving the Eastern Peripheral Highway, vehicles attempt to proceed on this road. A large number of heavy vehicles were seen in the traffic jam. People who came out of the office in the morning had to face a lot of trouble because of the roadblock. Due to the traffic jam on the main road, the pressure of vehicles increased on the link road, and there was also a traffic jam situation. Due to the traffic jam situation, the drivers had to wait for hours to cover the 5 minute distance.

The problem increased due to Delhi-Meerut one way
Considering the increasing number of devotees of Shiva carrying holy water from Ganges river from Gangotri Gomukh to Haridwar, the police administration has made the Delhi-Meerut road one-way. Due to this, the traffic jam started on the Meerut highway from Thursday morning itself. Hundreds of vehicles were seen crawling due to the traffic jam. Vehicles have to wait hours to cover a distance of 5 minutes. A similar situation also prevailed on Friday. Vehicle pressure is now also visible on other roads.

Camps started on Meerut Road
Seeing the crowd of Kawadis on Meerut Highway on Thursday, the police administration made the highway one-way. After that there was huge traffic jam in Muradnagar and Modinagar. Meanwhile, a long line of vehicles formed. On the other hand, camps have started for the service of Kanwariyas at different places on Meerut Road. Due to which no drivers are allowed to use the Meerut highway except Kawadis. Due to this, people face lots of problems.

all cut
The police administration closed all the cuts between the artillery factory and the Sibni factory on the main road. Due to which people have to travel a distance of more than 2 kilometers to get essential goods. In this regard, former BJP district chairman Arvind Bhartiya had asked SP Rural Iraj Raza to open the cut in front of the government hospital. After that, the police administration opened a cut, but police were deployed there. With the opening of this cutoff, the ambulance will get the facility to move around the government hospital. All other vehicles will be prohibited.