Twin Tower: people in the surrounding society are upset

Twin Tower: people in the surrounding society are upset

Naida: As the date for the demolition of the Twin Tower draws near, the concern of people living in the surrounding societies increases. The fear of the rest of the Supertech tower owners made the situation worse. The Emerald Court RWA and AOA and the ATS Village Society say that before the tower is demolished there is a structural audit of 50 meters of buildings, but the builder is not ready to do this. The deadline was June 30, after which 20 days have passed, so far the structural audit has not even started. It will be clear in the structural audit that during the demolition of the tower, the strength of the adjacent towers in which people live will be affected. The twin towers would be demolished on August 21.

On the other hand, on Tuesday, the image of the structural audit faded during the review meeting of the preparations for the demolition of the tower at Noida Authority. The authority made no decision and asked the builder to follow the suggestions of the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI). The structural audit must be carried out immediately, if requested by the CBRI.

In this meeting which was held at Noida Authority, officials from government ministries and builder side were involved. In this, the request for a structural audit before the demolition of the tower was strongly demanded by the RWA and the AOA of Emerald Court and ATS Village. It was also said that the vibration report prepared by the EdifyS agency, which is working on the demolition of the tower, cannot be trusted. The CBRI certifies this report. It should be mentioned that before the demolition of the tower, the decision to carry out a structural audit of the buildings of Emerald Court and ATS Village within a radius of 50 meters was taken during the meeting of the authority it -same.

The meeting took place on June 7. It has been decided that the builder side of Supertech should submit a report by June 30 after carrying out a structural audit. But the manufacturer has not yet started the structural audit. The Edify agency was due to submit the vibration report of the test blast on June 20. The agency could not deliver this report on time and submitted it to the authority on July 12 with a delay of 22 days.

Explosions can cause cracks in buildings
The vibration report claimed that the maximum impact of the explosion would be that cracks could occur in the plaster of the building within 30 metres. Based on this report, the builder side again began to argue with the authority that there is no need for a structural audit. Noida authority is not ready for this. The authority says that it cannot make a decision at its level. Deriving its authenticity from the CBRI, the builder must inform the society and the surrounding authorities. Tuesday’s meeting was held in the board room of Noida Authority under the chairmanship of the Authority’s CEO, Ritu Maheshwari. Pollution control office, fire department were involved in this.

The agency kept a preparation report

During the meeting, the Edify agency, which is working on the demolition of the tower, presented its report on the preparations. With the state of the agency’s technical work, it was claimed that the towers would be demolished at 2:30 a.m. on August 21. The agency also claimed, based on the vibration report, that there was no need for a structural audit.

Structural audit carried out at the private level
UBS Teotia, chairman of Emerald Court RWA, who attended the meeting, said he made his position clear at the meeting. He was informed that the RWA had the structural audit carried out at the private level. This audit revealed that the Emerald Court buildings around the Twin Towers are not in as sound a condition as they should be. are vulnerable to such a large explosion. Therefore, along with carrying out the structural audit before the explosion, the shortcomings must be removed.

The agency has prepared

On August 31, 2021, the Supreme Court declared the twin tower illegal and ordered it to be demolished in 3 months.
Preparations are underway to demolish the tower on August 21 at 2:30 p.m.
During the demolition of the tower, traffic on the Noida-Greno highway will be interrupted for about 30 minutes.
Emerald Court and ATS Village Society and some surrounding areas will be evacuated on demolition day creating an explosive zone.


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