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Twin Tower: The explosive has not been installed in the Twin Tower yet, now it will be demolished on August 28! – the demolition work of the twin towers can be extended until August 28



Naida: The Supertech Twin Tower demolition date may be extended. Every day new pages crash before demolition. Explosives were to be planted in the two towers from August 2, but due to the non-receipt of the NOC from the police, the explosives could not be planted. At the same time Noida Police now gave NOC and then NOC was not received from CBRI. As a result, there is doubt about the demolition action to be taken on August 21. In such a situation, it is assumed that the demolition work can now be carried out on August 28.

In fact, Noida Police had not given NOC to Edphis Engineering Company for the installation of explosives, which is why the works of explosives, which were to be installed from August 2, did not start. . At the same time Noida Police announced that NOC has been given but now another new screw is stuck in the middle of it all. So far, NOC has not been received from CBRI on this. It is said that the CBRI will only issue a compliance notice after seeing the dust debris report. Meanwhile, so far, the consultancy fee of Rs 72 lakh has not been deposited. It is said that, for this reason, NOC has not been received so far. Until the CBRI NOC is obtained, explosives will not be planted in the Twin Towers. In such a situation, there is a doubt about the demolition to be done on August 21.

On August 28, the Supreme Court ordered the demolition

Recall that the Supreme Court had previously ordered the demolition in May. The demolition company Edphis Engineering had requested an additional period of 3 months from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court then ordered the demolition of the twin towers before August 28. After that, the authority and the demolition company Edphis Engineering had set August 21 as the date for the demolition of the twin towers. But before that, from August 2 to August 20, 3700 kg of explosives had to be filled in 10,000 holes made in the pillars of the different floors of the two buildings, work on which has not yet started.

Entrance: Manish Singh