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Two entrepreneurs from Banda, close to the Mukhtar Ansari mafia, suffered heavy losses, the house was demolished by bulldozer



Anil Singh, Banda: The STF had recently picked up two contractors from Banda, who were under investigation in connection with Nikhat’s daughter-in-law’s secret meeting with Mukhtar Ansari’s son, Abbas Ansari, at Chitrakoot prison. who were interviewed. Yogi Baba’s bulldozer was launched into the illegal construction of their homes on Tuesday after the involvement of the Mukhtar Ansari family was discovered after investigation. First, the demolition work took place around 10:45 a.m. at the home of contractor Iftikhar Khan, a resident of Khai Par. After that, a bulldozer was fired at the house of contractor Rafiqushmad.

The police administration team and force reached the house of Iftikhar, an irrigation department contractor living in Khaipar locality under Kotwali town. By getting everyone out of the house, the main gate and adjacent store and balcony of the house were demolished. The parents said they had the plan of the house drawn up. But the administration said the balcony in front of the house was illegal, so it was demolished. An adjacent wall was also demolished. Entrepreneur Iftikhar Khan was also arrested by the STF for questioning. After that, where a police team had searched the house of journalist Zafar in the night, searches were also carried out in the house of the contractor located on the other side of the moat and the demolition was done this morning.

After that, this administration caravan reached the house of another Rafiqushmad entrepreneur in Idgah. This house is under new construction. The construction of chhajja was also found to be illegal in this house, although the plan for this house was also made by the contractor. The administration broke the balcony wall and the door of this house. In this footage, measurements were also taken on his former home.

Let us inform that on February 28, STF from Lucknow together with the local police raided the home of Rafiqussamad, a resident of Mohalla Aliganj (near Rama Imambara) of the city surrounded by suspicion in the Abbas-Nikhat illegal assembly case in Chitrakoot Jail. Rafiq was not at home. His son Junaid was taken into custody. The following day, after taking Rafiqussamd de Jhansi into custody, the father and son were interrogated for several hours. Later, the two were sent home. Now a new noose has been tightened on Rafiqusmad.