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Two people were burned in a cooking cylinder in Agra



Sunil Saket, Agra: The joy of a wedding has turned to mourning in the Sundarbans of the Thana Sikandra region of Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Two women who had come to cook were burned alive because of the fire in the gas cylinder, while the pastry chef was seriously burned. The inhabitants of the settlement barely controlled the fire. After this accident, there was chaos in the family. The ceremony has been cancelled. The food was cooked in house.

Preparations were underway for the wedding of Inder and Karan, two sons of Madanlal, a resident of the Sundarban settlement. A dedication ceremony took place on Sunday. For this, Madan had made the pastry chef sit in Deepak’s neighboring house. The cooking happened here. At around 12:30 p.m., the confectioner was installing the regulator for Kailashi’s gas bottle. Naglabudhi residents Lilavati (57), Sheela Devi (60) and Barfi Devi (63) were busy preparing vegetables. Two stoves were burning from a gas bottle. Suddenly the regulator pin snapped and the gas spurted rapidly from the cylinder and caught fire. Lilavati and Sheela Devi were engulfed in flames, both burned alive on the spot.

didn’t even have a chance to escape

According to eyewitnesses, the two gas stoves were burning. The regulator pin was so tight that the pressure broke its pin. The gas came out so fast and the hot stove caught fire. Lilavati and Sheela Devi didn’t even have time to escape, while Halwai Kailashi got burned. Upon information, local police and fire and emergency services DIG Jugal Kishore joined. He said that the accident happened due to the breakage of the pin of the gas cylinder. Madanlal is shocked by the incident. He canceled the program.

Vinesh showed bravery

Vinesh is a shoemaker living in the Sunderban settlement. It was Sunday. Due to the holidays, most people were at home. During the crash, Vinesh kept a bucket of water over the burning cylinder. After that, the cylinder was placed in a barrel filled with water. Thanks to Vinesh’s understanding, the accident was averted. Otherwise, a big accident could have happened. Vinesh’s hands were also burned in this rescue operation, but he showed courage without worrying about his life. The people of the colony appreciate Vinesh’s courage.