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Uday Pratap Singh, father of Bahubali MLA Raja Bhaiya sat on dharna, stirred; Know the Whole Deal



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Uday Pratap Singh seated on the dharna in Kunda Tehsil
Always in the news due to controversies

PratapgarhUday Pratap Singh father of Bahubali MLA Raghuraj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiya of Kunda, Pratapgarh is making headlines again. Due to controversies, Uday Pratap Singh remains in discussion in the region. This time Uday Pratap Singh sat on a dharna in the village of Sheikhpura. The whole matter is about the gate installed by the particular community for Muharram. In fact, the people of a particular community installed a Muharram door sign on the road leading to the village of Sheikhpura, which Uday Pratap sat on a dharna to have it removed.

Uday Pratap Singh has been sitting on a dharna in Kunda tehsil since 10am removing the door. He said that until the door was not removed he would sit on the dharna, after which there was a stir in the police administration. Let us tell you that Uday Pratap Singh has an old relationship with controversies. Today, let us tell you about the great controversies of his life.

had to go to jail
Uday Pratap Singh, the king of Bhadri Mahal, 65 km from Pratapgarh district, has a deep connection with controversies, Bhadri Naresh Uday Pratap Singh always grabs headlines for his many decisions and actions. In 2003, Raja Bhaiya, independent MP and son of Uday Pratap, was prosecuted for several cases and even under the BSP regime, whose ardor also reached his father, Raja Uday Pratap Singh. Many cases have been registered against him under the BSP regime. Raja Uday Pratap had to stay several months in prison under the BSP regime. However, this action taken against him has been described as a politically motivated action. After the BSP government came to power in 2007, no case was registered against Uday Pratap Singh.

2014 Muharram controversy
In 2014, Bhadri Naresh, Raja Bhaiya’s father, came back into the limelight when the case heated up over Muharram and Bhandara in the Hanuman temple. In the Sheikhpur village of Kunda itself, the affair had heated up due to the simultaneous Bhandara on the Muharram and Hanuman temple. After that, in 2015, members of the Muslim community strongly protested by not raising the Tajiya on Muharram Day. After which, the administration did not allow Bhandara at the Hanuman temple in 2016 for security reasons. Then there was a rift between Raja Uday Pratap Singh and the administration. After which from 2016 to 2018, the administration even blinded Raja Uday Pratap and his followers.

Why did Uday Pratap Singh make headlines as soon as Muharram arrived?
In fact, in 2013, a monkey died on Muharram day in the village of Sheikhpur in Kunda. After which King Uday Pratap and his followers started reciting Ramcharit Manas and performing Bhandara at the Hanuman Temple in the same village. The temple is at the side of the road and on Muharram day the Muharram procession takes place on the same route. Due to which people from other communities had objections about it. After that, the controversy escalated. In view of the growing dispute between the two communities, the administration had stopped allowing Bhandara to be held on Muharram day from 2016. Due to which King Uday Pratap and the administration are still at loggerheads. King Uday Pratap is determined to do Bhandara on Muharram day. Due to which, as soon as Muharram approaches, they come back into the discussion.

Supported Nupur Sharma’s statement
Recently, Uday Pratap Singh again made headlines by openly supporting Nupur Sharma’s statement. It should be noted that after a declaration by Nupur Sharma a few months ago, a community across the country opposed it. Nupur Sharma was surrounded on all sides regarding her statement. Already at the time, Raja Uday Pratap warmed up the mood in the neighborhood by supporting him via a tweet. Uday Pratap Singh had again erased his image of Hindutva by supporting Nupur Sharma. Currently, Raja Bhaiya is making headlines for the removal of Muharram Gate. He made it clear that his dharna will continue until the door is removed.

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