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Umesh Pal Murder Case: First Encounter in Prayagraj Murder Case, 50,000 Reward on Accused, Mayawati’s Big Statement Came



Prayagraj: Arbaaz, who was implicated in the killing of Umesh Pal, an eyewitness to the murder case of Bahujan Samaj party’s MLA Raju Pal and was carrying a reward of 50,000 rupees, was killed during an encounter with the police Monday. The meeting took place at Nehru Park in Dhumanganj region. He was driving a Creta when the incident occurred. On reports that Arbaaz was in the Dhumanganj area, the police besieged him. Arbaaz was killed in fire from both sides, while Dhumanganj Inspector Rajesh Maurya was injured. Rajesh was admitted to Swarooprani Nehru Hospital. At the same time, the police also arrested Sadaqat Khan who was involved in the incident. The information in this case is that the police and STF had received the news from Arbaaz. After that, the team started chasing him and he fell into the clutches of the police.

According to the police, Sadaqat, a resident of Bara in Gahmar district of Ghazipur, is an LLB student and lives in a Muslim hostel in Prayagraj. The plot to kill Umesh hatched in his very bedroom. Sadakat gave very important information during the police interrogation. The police also searched Sadaqat’s room. A pistol and two cartridges as well as other objects were also recovered from the room. Sadaqat attempted to evade police as he was taken from a Muslim household to Colonelganj police station. During this time he collided with the divider and injured himself. The police admitted him to the hospital for treatment.

Prayagraj Police Commissioner Ramit Sharma said a reward of Rs 50,000 each had been announced for all wanted defendants including Asal, Ghulam and Guddu Muslim, sons of Atiq named in the murder case. The prize money can be further increased. Arbaaz’s father, Afaq Bahubali, drove Atiq Ahmed’s car. Arbaaz was also linked to Asad, the third son of Atiq Ahmed and a defendant in the incident. During the encounter with the police, a .32 caliber pistol, four cartridges, six shells and a bicycle were recovered in Arbaaz. Arbaaz is also told that he is an active member of the Atiq gang.

Commissioner Ramit Sharma said Sadakat, who was arrested by the police, gave a lot of important information about the defendants involved in the murder case. He said the defendants in the murder case were in contact through WhatsApp calls. They spoke to each other several times. Based on information received from Sadaqat, 10 police teams are arresting the accused.

“Those who offer shelter will also be punished”

According to DGP headquarters, a campaign has been launched against the mafia and gangsters. Action will also be taken against those protecting these vicious professionals. Those harboring the fugitive accused in the Umesh Pal murder case will also be punished. A call has been made to the population that if someone tries to protect you, inform the local police immediately. Your name will remain confidential. The DGP instructed the local authorities to put all the accused under investigation. The reward amount should be increased. The reward will also be announced at headquarters level.

ADG Law and Order Prashant Kumar said that if an individual gives information about the accused, he will also receive a cash reward. Those who do justice will not be spared on any level.

Mayawati’s Grand Declaration

BSP leader Mayawati has said that if Shaista Parveen, wife of former MP Atiq Ahmed, is found guilty in the Umesh Pal murder case, she will be expelled from BSP. Shaista is also named in the FIR for the murder of Umesh and his gunner. The head of the BSP made a series of tweets in this regard on Monday. Accusing the Samajwadi party of patronizing Ateeq Ahmed, Mayawati said, it is common knowledge that Ateeq is the product of the Samajwadi party only.

Atiq’s wife requested a CBI investigation

Bahubali Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shaista Begum wrote a letter to CM Yogi Adityanath to investigate the Umesh Pal murder case. In the letter, there was a request for the CBI to investigate the incident. She said her husband, brother-in-law and sons were involved in the murder case as part of a conspiracy. Umesh Pal was not a witness in the Raju Pal murder case. He was the litigant in a kidnapping case. In which his testimony was recorded in court.