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Umesh Pal Murder: Preparation for a month and a half, Reiki 4 times, meeting with Atiq’s brother in prison… But the timing was huge! – shooters met atic brother ashraf in jail umesh pal murder planning month news



Prayagraj: A lot is brought to light layer by layer in the Umesh Pal murder case which took place on February 24 in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Vijay aka Usman Chowdhary, who was killed in a clash with police in Kaundhiyara on Monday, had traveled to Bareilly prison with Asad and Ghulam to meet Atiq Ahmed’s brother, Ashraf. Preparations for the incident had been going on for a month and a half. Spot Reiki was also done 3-4 times. But the game of criminals was turned upside down because of the incident during the assembly session.

According to the information received, the three shooters turned off their mobile phones and went to meet Ashraf, who was in prison, so that their whereabouts could not be traced. Although the police confirmed his time at Bareilly prison only through technology. Police suspect Bareilly prison was the focal point of these people’s conspiracy.

160 files registered against Atiq Ahmed and his family, will the police of CM Yogi really mix the mafia in the ground!
Mo. Usman was close to Ghulam
Vijay aka Usman killed in the encounter mainly Mohd. Was close to Ghulam. He was the only outside shooter involved in the entire incident. Ghulam had brought him in for the crime. That’s why he was introduced to Ashraf before the incident. Police had identified Asad, Ghulam, Guddu Muslim, Armaan and Arbaaz after the incident, but Vijay alias Usman could not be identified. Then the police identified Vijay through surveillance. Two to three criminal cases are reported against him. The police check his criminal record.

Reiki three to four times
According to reports, the place had reiki three to four times before the execution of the Umesh Pal murder case. The fake Creta license plate used in the incident was affixed about a month ago. In the investigation of the CCTV cameras, it appeared that this vehicle had approached Umesh Pal’s house three to four times. The role of each of the shooters involved in the incident was decided in advance. It was decided who would shoot first and who would shoot second.

The incident should not have happened during the Chamber
According to the police, the conspirators take it for granted that the incident should not have taken place when the House was sitting. Due to the incident during the deliberations of the chamber, the government came under attack from the opposition and the case escalated.
Another Atiq shooter killed in the Umesh Pal murder case, Usman, who shot first, was killed by police in an encounter
Had come to Gaddis area after the incident
After the incident, all of the shooters, including Asad, gathered in Gaddis neighborhood which is located on the border of Dhumanganj and Khuldabad police stations. Some people had gone to different places from there. While some people had spent the night there. The police also suspect that these people may take refuge in areas where their brotherhood is dominant and dominant.