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UP: 27 lakh employees and pensioners will receive DA increase in July salary itself, Yogi government issued an order



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The Yogi government announced a 3% allowance for high cost
Payment of the increased cost allowance with the salary for the month of July

Luck now. About 16 lakh state employees and 11.5 lakh pensioners in Uttar Pradesh will get the increased dearness allowance along with the July salary. On behalf of the Yogi government, an order has been issued to pay dearness allowance and dearness relief for employees and retirees. Arrears of increased dearness allowance to employees from January to June will be paid into the provident fund.

Let us inform that while relieving inflation, the government announced that it would provide 3% allowance and high cost relief to about 27 lakh employees and pensioners from 1st January 2022. However, confusion had arisen due to of the warrant issued for the high cost allowance. It was said in the mandate that the increased DA will be available with the salary for the month of August. That is, he will be paid in September. Now it is said that after modifying it on Monday, it will say that the payment will be made in July itself.

They will receive a cash payment
According to the mandate, employees who retired after January 1, 2022 or who will retire within the next six months, will receive the amount of the high cost allowance in cash. Pensioners will also get relief from July pension dearness from 1 January 2022. Apart from this, dearness allowance arrears to employees will be deposited into their PF account.

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