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UP Chief Secretary to attend important meeting at Jewar Airport, approval can be given to these proposals



Naida:Several proposals will be made on January 17 at the board meeting regarding Jewar airport. This time, the Secretary General of the State will also participate in the meeting. This is considered a very important meeting of Noida International Airport Limited. In this framework, a proposal will also be made to approve the construction regulations of the Jewar Airport Aviation Hub. Please advise that the responsibility of the CEO of Noida International Airport Limited (NIAL) also lies with the CEO of Yamuna Authority, Arunveer Singh.

Singh said that when the Yamuna Authority Building Regulations were established, there was no mention of Jewar Airport in the master plan at the time. Now, because of Jewar Airport, a comprehensive aviation center is being constructed in which all these buildings will be constructed, for which the certificate of completion must be given to the Yamuna authority and there is no There is no provision for giving a NOC to such buildings in the Yamuna Authority building regulations. For this reason, a new chapter of Building Regulations will be added to the Yamuna Authority Building Regulations.

His proposal will be submitted to the Secretary General at this Board meeting. For this, the office of NIYAL will be built at the Jewar airport campus and an approval will be offered for the same. At the same time CISF office will also be built in the campus of this Jewar airport and for this the proposal of how much land will be given to CISF at what rate will also be placed in this meeting. Along with this, he said the DPR Phase 2 feasibility report will be discussed to run the high speed metro from Noida International Airport to Delhi IGI.

Both options have been retained in this feasibility report. One option is whether the Aqua Line and Blue Line Metro track will be used between Knowledge Park-2 and Delhi IGI, how much will it cost and how will it be possible. The second option is to build a separate line for the high-speed metro. These two options will be discussed during this meeting and the DPR will be prepared after finalizing one of them.