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UP News: Anupriya Patel invites op rajbhar to NDA alliance after akhilesh yadav clash up news



Mirzapur: Union Minister of State Anupriya Patel, NDA ally and leader of Apna Dal S, issued a statement regarding Omprakash Rajbhar. Speaking in Mirzapur on Sunday, he said it would be best if Omprakash Rajbhar came to NDA. Also said that the NES clan keeps increasing. During these eight nine years, we have worked tirelessly for the development of the country and we are doing it. In the journey towards the self-sufficiency of the country and the strengthening of democracy, it will be better if the companions get along with them.

By Sunday, Mirzapur MP and Union Minister of State Anupriya Patel had arrived. where he inaugurated his newly built office. Cabinet Minister Ashish Patel was also present on the occasion. After the inauguration of the office, Anupriya Patel informally addressed the media.

Anupriya said SP will have to think when media asks Anupriya about OP Rajbhar, will OP Rajbhar come to NDA? Smiling, he replied that it would be better if OP Rajbhar came. Anupriya said that over the past eight to nine years, we have done the job of releasing plans for continuous development to the public. It would be good if all the companions agreed to make the country autonomous. At the same time, Anupriya said that we are also part of the NDA, the NDA government is doing a better job. At the same time, he said his colleagues were moving away from the SP alliance that he should think about it. However, he declined to comment on any other side of the alliance.
Report – Manish Singh