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UP News: Army helicopter crash landing in Prayagraj after engine failure



Prayagraj: There was a stampede in the village of Bandau in Karchana around noon on Wednesday after seeing the helicopter land suddenly. People ran towards him as soon as the helicopter’s engine stopped, but the pilots who landed safely from the helicopter waved to prevent the crowd from approaching. Within minutes, two more helicopters began to fly over the village. Seeing the landing of three helicopters in this manner without any knowledge, the villagers came in a panic.

The people who disembarked from the other two helicopters consoled the villagers and informed them that due to technical problems in the army helicopter, it had to land abruptly in the village. To help them, soldiers from the Air Force Bamrauli came by helicopter, soon we will all leave from here, eliminating technical defects. For the first time in the village, the rumor of no less than 3 helicopters spread like wildfire in the nearby village, a large number of people began to gather to see the helicopters.

There was a flight from Ranchi to Kanpur
In fact the army helicopter took off from Ranchi and it was supposed to go to Chakeri (Kanpur) via Prayagraj. Before reaching Prayagraj Air Force Station, the pilot suspected a technical problem in the helicopter. As a precaution, the pilot made an emergency landing of the helicopter on the grounds of the village of Bandau in Karchana.

the team asked for help
Both helicopter pilots were safe. He informed the Air Force Station Bamrauli, to help him, the technical team went there from Bamrauli airport by two helicopters. The team began to check the helicopter. The technical defect of the helicopter was corrected in about an hour. At around 1:15 p.m., the helicopter departed for Bamrauli Air Base.
Report – Shivpujan Singh

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