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UP News: Couple walked 10km on foot with their son’s body on their shoulders, then army personnel helped him



Prayagraj: In Prayagraj, a couple were forced to carry their son’s body on their shoulders in the pouring rain. Everyone was surprised to see this show. People kept watching this shameful scene from SRN Hospital to New Naini Bridge. Some people took responsibility by interrogating, others didn’t take photos, then someone made a video, but forced Bajrangi to continue walking. People watching said that when Bajrangi got tired, the woman also used to hold the son’s body on her shoulder and move forward.

After driving about 10 kilometers, the army soldiers saw the new Naini bridge, they stopped their car. After stopping a passing ambulance, army personnel sent Bajrangi to his village, sitting on it.

son died of electrocution
In fact, Shubham (9 years old), son of Bajrangi Yadav, who lives in Rampur Semra village in Karchana police station area, was hit by the current. After that, Bajrangi Yadav had Shubham admitted to SRN Hospital for treatment. Where Shubham died during treatment. All the money Bajrangi had was spent on Shubham’s treatment. When he asked for an ambulance at the hospital, the ambulance driver asked for money. With no money, he left his son’s body on his shoulder and walked back to his village. The hospital management refrains from saying anything about this.

Report – Shiv Poojan Singh
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