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UP News: Suicide of police officer in Prayagraj draws police line



Prayagraj: A constable shot himself in the head with a government rifle around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Prayagraj police cordon. The seriously injured soldier died during treatment. There was a commotion in the police cordon when the shots were fired. Officers attended and investigated. Sepoy Akash Kumar (29), a resident of Atrauni in Mathura, was on VIP duty. He lived in the police cordon.

He committed suicide with his rifle around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. When police arrived at the scene after hearing the gunshots, he was lying in a pool of blood. He was quickly taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police sent the deceased constable’s body for an autopsy and the rifle was taken into custody. The family has been notified.

case under investigation
SP City Dinesh Kumar Singh said Constable Akash Kumar was a 19 Batch Private, his posting was in the police line. On Wednesday he was shot in the head with a government rifle, he died in hospital while being treated. Akash was a resident of Atrauli in the Mathura district. He said that before that Akash Kumar lived in Ghurpur at Uttaraon police station. A few days ago there was a deployment in the police line. He said the case was under review.
Report – Shivpujan Singh
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