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UP STF: Defendants were trying to sell hand grenades in stf up caught 6 historical sheeter vinay also invo



Lucknow/Ghazipur: The Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (UP STF) arrested 6 defendants on Saturday with two live hand grenades. It also includes history leafer Vinay Singh aka Vicky, who was implicated in the murder of Zilla Panchayat member Pappu Yadav from Ghazipur. STF caught the accused from Karanda Police Station in Ghazipur. Let us tell you, they were all trying to sell hand grenades, but before that, the team caught them. STF takes further action by filing a case against them under Arms and Ordnance.

STF taken
Deputy Superintendent of Police STF Dharmesh Kumar Shahi said a team from Lucknow was present in Ghazipur. Meanwhile, information has been received that in Bandipatti Dihwa village of Karanda police station area, some people are present with hand grenades on the banks of the Ganges, who are trying to sell this hand grenade to a major criminal. In order to immediately follow up on the information, the STF team arrested 6 people using necessary force on the banks of the Ganges in the village of Bandipatti Dihwa.

Hand grenades were brought from Chennai
During STF interrogation, Mahesh Rajbhar said that Arvind, Rohit and Brijbhan from my village working in Chennai who brought this active hand grenade from there. They gave us this grenade. After that, we said that these two hand grenades are to be sold to a criminal/mafia gang, on which we were trying to sell it to many places in Ghazipur and Varanasi. Meanwhile, through Naveen, active member of notorious Dhanji mafia gang and columnist from Karanda Ghazipur police station, Vinay Singh alias Vicky was contacted. Vinay aka Vicky was involved in the murder of Zilla Panchayat member Pappu Yadav in 2019.

their arrest

  • Vinay Singh aka Vicky son Ram Ashish Singh
  • Mahesh Rajbhar son Mahendra Rajbhar
  • Naveen Paswan son Chandraprakash Paswan
  • Abhishek Singh son Rana Pratap Singh
  • Rohan Rajbhar son of late Ram Awadh Rajbhar
  • Manish Singh son Rakesh Singh

Entrance – Sandeep Tiwari

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