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Varanasi News Uproar over Manusmriti’s research at BHU



After the Ramcharitmanas controversy, an uproar started over Munasmriti. These days, there is an outcry at BHU regarding the Manusmriti research.

Abhishek Kumar Jha, Varanasi: The Department of Theology of the Hindu University of Benares (BHU) is in discussion on social networks these days. The reason for this is the research topic chosen by a professor in the department and the announcement of a research grant. On the one hand the professors call it a routine subject and say that research work has been done on this type of subject for fifty years, on the other the students use the word “Manusmriti” on social networks to make it a subject of caste politics and Hinduism. They seem split saying they are promoting.

The research focuses on the usefulness of Manusmriti in Indian society

When NBT Online spoke to Dr. Shankar Mishra about this whole topic, he said it was not a new topic. This is needlessly discussed. It is routine work. Research on many similar topics has been ongoing at this university for fifty years. In any university in the country where Dharma Shastra is taught, “Manusmriti” is taught as a subject and research work is also done on it. Unnecessarily ignorant people argue. In any society, we are taught to behave according to religion. On the same basis, Manusmriti also indicates the concept of society.

Manusmriti is based on the four varnas and the ashram system

Uninformed people play politics by arguing over Manusmriti. They know only one meaning of the word as chastisement, therefore it is disputed in vain by linking it to women, whereas according to Manusmriti chastisement means salvation, to do good, but it has been given a different meaning in the political context. . The same was done with the word Shudra. According to the religion, every person born is a Shudra, which were Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras based on karma. The meaning of Shudra is illiterate and stupid, not from a particular caste. This karma-based society was designed to live in the four ashram system. The caste system by birth is the gift of modern society.

Students split into two factions on social media

Opinions are now divided among students on this subject on social networks. There are many such pages on social media, which are run by student leaders and BHU organizations. Left-wing social media pages see it as part of efforts to create a Hindu nation and label Manu Smriti as anti-women, while on the other hand, right-wing students and student organizations support this topic on social media. Since the comment on Ramcharit Manas, there has been continuous heckling on behalf of caste and women’s protest. In such a situation, the atmosphere on campus has heated up regarding the ongoing research on the subject related to Manusmriti.

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