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Vehicles will run on the Delhi-Dehradun highway from December! Step 7, the journey will be completed in just 2h30



Delhi Dehradun Expressway Distance Time Update News: Delhi-Dehradun expressway works are expected to be completed by December. On the other hand, NHAI says that even if there is a problem, it will be finished by March next year. With this, the distance from Delhi to Dehradun will be completed in two and a half hours.

delhi dehradun expressway shorten distance time
Travel time will be less than Delhi Dehradun Expressway

strong points

  • Big update on Delhi Dehradun Expressway, works to be completed by December
  • It will take about 1.5 hour less to cover the distance from Delhi to Dehradun.
  • With the start of this highway, there will be a relief from the traffic jam in Loni.
Ghaziabad: Preparations are underway to open Delhi-Dehradun expressway packages-1 and package-2 by December. NHAI officials say that although there is a delay due to a technical hurdle, it will be open to the public by March next year. With this, people will be relieved to a great extent from the jam in Loni. National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) officials say that by March, the construction works of Lot 1 from Akshardham to Loni and Lot 2 from Loni to Khekra will be completed under all circumstances. Most of its sections will be elevated. The elevated 6-lane section will allow traffic passing through Yamunapar and Loni in Delhi to intersect. This will greatly relieve people from jam.

Where it used to take 6-7 hours to get to Dehradun from the Delhi-Saharapur road but after its completion it will be possible to reach Dehradun in just two and a half hours. Officials say that after its construction, the travel time from Delhi to Baghpat will be only 20 minutes. While the travel time from Loni to Baghpat will be 10 minutes. Hours of time are wasted due to jam. People’s time and oil are also wasted. The level of pollution is increasing, it’s different.

30% of the work has been done in package-1

Officials said up to 30% work had been done in Package 1 between Akshardham and Loni. More than 70% of the pillar erection work has been completed. The work of placing the beam on the pillar is in progress. First of all, the focus is on completing the raised part. It is 14.75 km.

39% of the work has been done in Package-2

Officials said work on Package 2 between Loni and Khekra is moving at a rapid pace. In this area, up to 39% of work has been done. The work of erecting the pillars is done at a rapid pace. A beam is placed on it. This 15 km part will be completed by December in any case.

it’s always a problem

Biharipur is a place in Delhi. CRPF has 500 square meters of land here. Due to which the transfer has not yet been received by NHAI. While the OK was received from the Delhi Development Authority. But so far the problem is stuck. For this reason, work is affected here.
Relocation of the 400 KV high voltage line on the Dadari Mandola road and 400 KV on the Meerut-Mandola road. But the ground on which this utility must be moved. The farmers there are asking for more than the lump sum. Due to which the work stopped here too.

5 entry-exit in Delhi and 3 in Ghaziabad

The opening of this highway will benefit a large part of Ghaziabad and Delhi. Five entry and exit points will be made at the Delhi border and three ramps and loops will be made at Ghaziabad. In Delhi, it will be on Akshardham, Gandhinagar-Geeta Colony, ISBT-Dilshad Garden Marg, Khajuri Pusta Marg and Signature Bridge Marg. While in Ghaziabad, 3 km ahead of UP Border, Mandola, Near Eastern Peripheral Expressway Khekra.

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