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VHP leader Santosh Pandit shot dead in Moradabad



Moradabad News: VHP leader gunned down in Moradabad over Facebook comment. Santosh Pandit was injured in the shooting, who was admitted to hospital.

Santosh Pandit
Sajrul Hussain, Moradabad: Metropolitan VHP co-minister Santosh Pandit was shot dead outside the HDFC near Mansarovar under Majhola police station in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday night. Santosh was admitted to Moradabad Sai Hospital in critical condition. The reason for the incident is attributed to social media posts and comments regarding Mohan Bhagwat’s statement. At the same time, after the incident, the police began to search for the accused.

There was a dispute on Facebook

According to the police, three days ago there was a protest in the collector under the banner of All India Brahmin Mahasabha. This demonstration was organized by Rajat Sharma. There has been a lot of debate on social media between Rajat Sharma and Santosh Pandhari, co-district minister of victim Vishwa Hindu Parishad, regarding this protest. The controversy between the two over Facebook posts and comments has steadily grown. In this debate, both had also threatened to see each other.

SSP Hemraj Meena says Santosh and defendant Rajat Sharma, who were injured in the incident, already know each other. They were supposed to meet, but there was a difference of opinion between the two regarding the protest which was held three days ago. In this difference of opinion, Rajat Sharma attempted to kill Santosh Pandhari by shooting him.

Five teams were formed to arrest

After the incident, the police surrounded the VHP leaders. Meanwhile, considering the incident, SSP Hemraj Meena has formed five teams under the leadership of SP City Moradabad. Apart from this, a separate surveillance team has been formed to track the accused.

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