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Visit of Mohan Bhagwat to Vareilly after a Pandit declaration that India will become powerful with unity in families and national spirit – Visit to Bareilly of RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat



RB Lal, Bareilly: Amid Ramcharit Manas controversy in the country, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Sir Sangh Chalak Mohan Bhagwat’s “Pandit” statement remains in discussion. Meanwhile, Mohan Bhagwat joins Bareilly to take part in the RSS’ Parivar Milan programme. Describing the Indian family system as the best, he said the nation will become powerful when the feeling of unity and nationalism is awakened in families. Describing the issue of considering a person as a social unit, he said that in reality the family is the economic, social and cultural unit of society. The Sangh tried to strengthen the society and the country by trying to establish better coordination, mutual cooperation and harmony among the different families of the society through Kutumb Prabodhan. In the Karyakarta Parivar Milan program held from Sunday morning to afternoon at Atal Auditorium, MJP Rohilkhand University in Bareilly, Sir Sangh Chalak Mohan Bhagwat said that a person first derives his values ​​from his family. He said that the family has an important role to play in making the society cultured, full of character, devoted to the nation and disciplined. Therefore, the effort of the Sangh is to strengthen the society by linking the families of the volunteers to the basic concepts of Indian culture.

He said people should adopt their native language, dress up, bhajan, visit buildings and eat to keep in touch with their traditions and culture. Sangh has developed a lot over the past 100 years. Impressed by the Sangh ideology, the people of the country have now started looking towards this organization with hopeful eyes. People want to progress while remaining connected to their traditions and their culture of origin. Sangh’s image in society is only made by the conduct of volunteers. The head of the RSS told the volunteers that the better the conduct, the better the image of the Sangh. Swayamsevaks must spend at least one day a week with their families and families of friends, in addition to eating and discussing matters related to the nation and cultural heritage.

He said Swayamsevaks families should establish friendly relations with families of different castes, creeds, languages ​​and regions and have regular meetings, meals and discussions with them. Efforts should be made by Swayamsevak Kutumbs to create cordial and mutual cooperation even between families of different economic status. Many social and economic problems will automatically be solved if there is mutual cooperation between capable, prosperous and poor families. The life mantra of volunteer families should be patriotism, harmony, debt repayment and discipline. Patriotism means we should worship the country, that is, know India and try to be like India. This is Deshacharan means country worship. We should behave with kindness towards everyone, repair the sufferings of our friends and also try to improve them in our company.

He also called on volunteer families to imbibe the six qualities of friendship. Likewise, our whole life is indebted to different people. Clothing and food etc. that we get are all owed to us by different sections of society. We should try to repay these debts. Those who are ready to sacrifice everything in the spirit of the public good will be remembered for a long time. Describing the glory of the fourth basic mantra discipline he said that without discipline no nation and society can progress, if we are to establish our nation again as Vishwaguru then discipline must manifest in all areas of our life. .

memorized score
On this occasion, the commemorative exhibition of the vibhishika score was also organized. In this, an attempt was made to portray the tragedy experienced by the people at the time of the partition of the country through photographs, newspaper clippings and other means from different places. During his three stays, Bhagwat gave many mantras to the volunteers for nation-building and the betterment of society. During the meetings, special discussions took place on the management of the crisis created by the blind exploitation of natural resources and the blind race for materialistic progress. In the meetings held in different sessions, it was decided that it is necessary to make efforts to secure the earth and human life by carrying out environmental protection programs. So far, the Sangh has mainly dealt with nation-building through individual development. The effect of the Sangh’s efforts can now be seen in various areas.

All Hindus are one, there should be no caste: Bhagwat
Mohan Bhagwat told the volunteers to go to each village and serve. Also, spread the branch in every district from the city to the countryside, in the mohalla and the villages. Bhagwat said the purpose of the Sangh is to serve the country and the society. It is the responsibility of the Sangh Pracharak to remove mutual discrimination and create a social environment free from disorder. Social disorders like caste, inequality and untouchability must be eliminated quickly. All Hindus are one among themselves, there should be no caste. Social arrogance and inferiority complex should stop. We have to do the work of connecting society. Joint families must be saved from Western civilization.

RSS will launch the campaign “A tree in the name of the nation”
He said that to deal with the crisis due to the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources, volunteers were planting saplings in houses and caring for them until they grew into trees. His relatives will also be associated with the campaign “A tree in the name of the nation”. Inauguration of the Family Enlightenment Program at Atal Auditorium at Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Ruhelkhand University, Bareilly by lighting the lamp by Sir Sanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat, Regional Director of Western Uttar Pradesh Surya Prakash and Director of the KC Gupta department. A quiz related to Indian culture and the freedom movement was also organized in the program. Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat brought food along with the families of the volunteers. Regional, provincial and departmental officials were present on this occasion. The RSS leader left for Sitapur-Lucknow on Monday 20 February.