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Vrindavan Holi 2023: On the occasion of Holi in Vrindavan, foreign tourists performed Holi flowers in Braj



Mature: Holi fun is at its peak in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh right now. Devotees from not only the country but also from abroad are seen immersed in the colors of Holi after reaching the birthplace of Lord Krishna. On the song ‘Holi i re’, the Holi color of flowers by foreign tourists in Vrindavan is scattered. His video will compel you to dive deep into Shraddha Sagar. To participate in the unique Kanha Braj Holi, not only the country but also the foreign devotees of the seven seas are eager. Besides Barsana and Lathmar Holi of Nandgaon, foreign devotees enjoy the festival of colors a lot in other Holi events.

Hundreds of foreign devotees first performed kirtan in Vrindavan on Saturday, then danced fiercely to Holi hymns. After that we had a lot of fun playing Holi with flowers. Holi is performed for 40 days in Braj and Lathmar Holi of Barsana is famous not only in the country but also abroad. With the start of Holi from Basant Panchami, foreign devotees also begin to arrive in Kanha city. Hundreds of foreign devotees first performed Harinam Sankirtan at Kiki Nagla near Vrindavan on Saturday and then performed Holi from the flowers while dancing to the Holi hymns. Meanwhile, the strangers were completely absorbed in the fun of Holi. In the Flower Holi which lasted about an hour, foreign devotees were seen throwing flowers to each other and having a lot of fun.

The number of foreign pilgrims has increased in Braj

After the Kovid period, once again on Holi, Braj from Kanha is seen buzzing with foreign devotees across the seven seas. Foreign devotees started arriving in Braj from Basant Panchami itself. Foreign devotees have also participated in Barsana and Lathmar Holi from Nandgaon and are now enjoying Holi by attending other Holi events held in Braj. Note that the restrictions imposed during Kovid had prohibited the arrival of foreign guests. Due to this, there has been a sharp decrease in the influx of foreign devotees coming to Braj, but now that everything is on track, foreign devotees and tourists are also camping here to enjoy Braj’s Holi.