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Wandering leopard in Ghaziabad? Don’t panic if you see it, try this remedy – ghaziabad leopard search operation continued all day but no tracks found



Ghaziabad: On Tuesday, the Forest Department team carried out a day-long search operation in the forests near the ALT Center and Ingraham School to take the fear of the leopard out of people’s minds. For this, more than four teams were formed. In addition to the district forest officer, several forest rangers and other officers are part of these teams. The search operation continued all day but the leopard’s footprints were found nowhere.

Leopard has not yet been confirmed
DFO Manish Singh says wherever people complain of seeing the leopard, the Forest Department team is engaged in a search operation to find out if the leopard is actually there. However, this has not been confirmed anywhere so far. He said that the department will carry out an awareness campaign in rural areas as well as urban areas and give information to people regarding the leopard, so that instead of fearing people, how it can be prevented and how cooperation of the forest department can be aware of this.

Have no fear, try a rescue method
1- First of all, know that a leopard has been found in this or that society, so everyone should live in fear, it is not good. Be aware of the news and be careful.
2- Not only leopards, many wild animals do not have the nature to attack humans, they only attack when they feel threatened.
3- You may feel or someone may say that if a leopard attacks you, start running away. No, never do that. You cannot run fast animals like lion, tiger, cheetah, panther. Leopard can run at a speed of 60 km per hour.
4- Where muscle power doesn’t work, try mental power. The way to be strong in front of a leopard is to shout loudly, to clap your hands.
5- Sometimes the leopard is far away, so don’t tease it by force. He may take it as a challenge to himself and as the saying goes “Aa bull mujhe maar” you will find yourself in needless trouble.
6- Yes, never look into a leopard’s eyes. He can take it as a challenge and attack.
7 – If the leopard is at a distance, try backing up slowly and trying to sneak inside the door.
8 – There is a great fear that people have what will they do if a leopard enters the house? Watch the house as best you understand, not the panther. It will be a new world for him. He will feel a little intimidated. In such a situation, you can immediately lock yourself in a separate room and inform the maintenance department, the police, the forest department and your acquaintances.

Isn’t that a court leopard?
Officials say that the leopard is not really wanted during this campaign, but thanks to this search operation, it is seen if the leopard which had come to court recently, was staying here somewhere. However, no footprints of him have been found. DFO Manish said this search operation will continue in the surrounding green area for the next two to three days. Meanwhile, we’ll see where the leopard finally stops. So that it is easy to find the leopard when it comes in the future.

Leopard did a lot of harm for 6 hours
The Leopard, which had entered the District Court premises last Wednesday, created a ruckus for about 6 hours. During this, he assaulted 10 people including police officers and lawyers and seriously injured them. However, later, Forest Department rescue teams called from Ghaziabad and Meerut caught the unconscious leopard by giving it an intoxicating injection after about 2 hours of effort. The next day, the department team left him in the Shivalik forests of Uttarakhand.

Team checking route to come to Rajnagar
In the investigation by the forest department and the administration, a CCTV camera installed in Rajnagar saw the leopard coming from Rajkunj at 2:53 p.m. on Tuesday. From there, investigative agencies speculate that this leopard may have come to the premises of the Rajkunj District Court, the Ingraham Institute and outside the office of the Commissioner of Police. It is also assumed that he would have hidden in an area surrounded by trees in the urban area. Even before that, continuous discussions of leopard sightings were common in Rajnagar, Kavinagar, Modinagar and Muradnagar.