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We have no relationship with Mukhtar since 1998, we won Brijesh Singh: Vijay Mishra



Mirzapur: Bahubali Vijay Mishra appeared in Mirzapur First Supplementary Chief Judicial Court on Friday in connection with the extortion case. After the hearing, former MPP Vijay Mishra made a big allegation against the UP police, denying his connection to Bahubali Mukhtar Ansari. Along with this, Vijay Mishra talked about being trapped with his family.

Vijay Mishra spoke about Mukhtar and Brijesh Singh
On the allegation of having a relationship with Mukhtar Ansari, Bahubali Vijay Mishra said that we had no relationship with Mukhtar since 1998. He said that I haven’t even seen Mukhtar for years. He said that Raja Bhaiya is related to Mukhtar Ansari. Raja Bhaiya, who was then Minister of Food, had the FCI warehouse built in Ghazipur. Regarding relationship with mafia Brijesh Singh, Vijay Mishra said that I have relationship with him, I helped him win the elections. Vijay Mishra said the government is thirsty for his son-in-law’s blood. We don’t know how many more cases will be taken and how many will be produced.

Vijay Mishra said on AK-47 recovery
Regarding the AK-47 and cartridges recovered from Vijay Mishra’s control pump on Thursday, Mishra said MPP Sushil Singh briefed me on this a few months ago. Right now the police are preparing to show off 3 AK-47 and 9mm pistols, grenades and more. Vijay Mishra alleged that there was a conspiracy before to show this illegal weapon with me. If I wasn’t involved, then my son got wrapped up in it. Vijay Mishra said that the petrol pump had been closed for 6 months, I had given this information in writing to the court. The same Thursday, the police questioned the son of Vijay Mishra.

Vijay Mishra was a four-time MLA

Let us tell you that MP Vijay Mishra was MP for SP three times and for Nishad party for the fourth time. After coming to the Yogi government, Modi-Yogi tried to protect himself by glorifying him, but only a few months ago his relative complained to the police about taking possession of his house and business. Meanwhile, an audio has gone viral, in which the deputy threatens a businessman. The only fault of the businessman was to have helped an acquaintance of his to obtain the toll contract. The police, who have become strict in such cases, arrested the MP on his way back from Madhya Pradesh after seeing Mahakal. Since then, he has been incarcerated in Agra prison.
Report – Mukesh Pandey