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when will holi color be played



Pankaj Mishra, Hamirpur: A village in Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh where the whole village collectively plays Holi with colors and gulal on the eighth day of Holika Dahan. Fag gatherings are also decorated in the village chaupal throughout the day. The tradition of performing Holi on the eighth day in this village is hundreds of years old, involving residents of seventeen villages in the region.

In dozens of villages in the Kurara Police Station area of ​​Hamirpur, as soon as Holi is lit, children and young people are drenched in color and gulal, but one such village in the region where the tradition of celebrating the Holi festival on the eighth day of Holika Dahan continues for hundreds of years. Rakesh Dwivedi, a village social worker, said that for hundreds of years Color Holi has only been performed in the village on the eighth day of Holi. Many programs are also held on Holi in the village. In which the inhabitants of 17 neighboring villages participate. Troupes of queer singers are also emerging.

Gatherings of queer singers are decorated in the chaupals. Said there is such a festival here in the village that the whole village is collectively imbued with the colors and gulal of Holi. Ramesh Dwivedi and other village elders said Holi is celebrated in a unique way in this village. In which the inhabitants of more than a dozen villages are part of the old tradition. Over the years, this tradition began to weaken. Despite this, Color Holi is not played in the village until the eighth day.

There was a fierce battle in the area until the Holi festival
The Kandor village elders related that there was a fierce war between King Hammirdev and the Yamans, in which Visaldev and Sinhaldev came from Rajgarh and fought here in favor of Hammirdev. The war also lasted until the holiday of Holi. After winning the battle, Simhaldev and Visaldev received jagirs from twelve villages each in the Kurara region.

Visaldev was also married to Hammirdev’s daughter, Ramkunwar. Kurara was named after the ninth generation of Konark Dev. He had distributed all his villages to his children. In which Kurara, Rithari, Jalla, Chakothi, Para, Kandaur, Patara, Jhalokhar and the ninth child received villages like Tikapur, Vahdina, Kumhaupur and Baije Islampur etc.

After the fierce battle, the tradition of playing colors in the village
On the eighth day after the Holi fire, Gaurvansh people from seventeen villages including Rithari, Para, Morakandar, Parsi, Tikapur, Vahdina, Harehta, Kurara, Jalla and Chakothi travel to Kandor village to play the colors of Hello. All the groups of queer singers also come out in the village. At the same time, Phag gatherings are decorated at a place, in which there is a celebration of the Holi festival even at night.