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Where did you say you were going to mix the ground… After meeting Prayagraj, talk about “Baba the Great” on social media – umesh buddy murder case, meeting Prayagraj today , people said jai ho yogi ji on twitter



Prayagraj: People had just woken up when they heard the news of another meeting in Prayagraj. Vijay alias Usman, the defendant involved in the murder of witness Umesh Pal in the Raju Pal murder case, was killed by police in Kaundhiyara. As soon as the news spread on social media, people started talking about “tossing it into the ground”. Deoria BJP MP Dr Shalabh Mani Tripathi shared the photo of the attackers and wrote, “I had said they would be mixed in the ground. The dreaded killer Usman, who fired the first shot at Umesh Pal and Sandeep Nishad, also died in an encounter with police today. #Encounter #Umeshpal #Yogi started trending on Twitter. While Aditya wrote ‘Yogi the Great’ with Yogi’s picture, Abhishek Shukla said, ‘Baba is the age of thugs and mafias’.

Sanjay Tripathi said it was clearly visible in CCTV footage that Usman fired the first shot at Umesh Pal. I have full confidence that Maharaj ji police will find all defendants even from hell no matter how long and deep the thread. Many people wrote with gestures: “Kill the tree, not the leaf.” Similar reactions are coming on social media.
Many people wrote that 10 days ago Yogi thundered in the Vidhansabha that he told this house that he will raze this mafia and two assailants were killed.

The name of the attacker who was killed today is believed to be Usman Chowdhary aka Vijay Chowdhary. The ADG also said Vijay was fabricated by the Usman mafia. MP for Gorakhpur, Ravi Kishan also reiterated the issue of mixing in the ground while sharing the footage from the encounter.

The police conduct raids in search of Umesh’s killers. Over 50 locations were raided in 5 states. It is understood that the rest of the attackers will also be captured or killed.

Another Atiq shooter killed in the Umesh Pal murder case, Usman, who shot first, was killed by police in an encounter