While waiting for auto with suitcase, police offered lift and revealed lover murder mystery – ghaziabad priti women kill partner firoz and pack corpse in suitcase

While waiting for auto with suitcase, police offered lift and revealed lover murder mystery – ghaziabad priti women kill partner firoz and pack corpse in suitcase

Ghaziabad: Silent dark night and deserted road. A solitary girl was walking around, dragging the suitcase bigger than the other. His destination was the train station. Police patrol cruiser passes by. Seeing the girl alone around 2 p.m., the police stopped but the girl’s forehead began to see drops of sweat. He refused to receive help. He couldn’t find the autorickshaw even after walking about 200 meters further. The police again offered help and this time the girl could not refuse. She sat down together and within minutes such a heartbreaking case was discovered, which took the whole town by surprise.

The suitcase, which was with Preeti, 32, contained the bloodstained corpse of a man. The body was that of her lover, with whom she had lived for four years. During the investigation, when the suitcase was opened, the body was there only in underwear. Other than that, there was no other tissue on the body. Besides the neck split on the body, many marks were also found. Anyone who heard the story of this bloody revenge was stunned.

When the officers asked about going alone at night, the woman said she was going to the train station. But she couldn’t give correct information about the train or the ticket. Before long, the police suspected that there was something black in the lenses. When the suitcase was opened, there was a corpse inside. When the secret was revealed, the woman started running but she was in the clutches of the police less than 50 meters away.

In fact, after splitting from her husband, Preeti, who had been living with Firoz for four years, got taunted. Preeti constantly asked to marry Firoz but he dithered. Before the murder, there was a lot of feud between the two. Meanwhile, Firoz said if you don’t belong to your husband, what will happen to me? Just angry at this taunt, Preeti slit her throat with Firoz’s razor kept in the house. After that, she was caught hiding the corpse in a big suitcase.

In this case, now many important things related to Preeti are coming out. Police sources said that Preeti Sharma was previously married to Deepak. Deepak was driving a car. Both had a son, but after a while he died. After that there was a rift between them and Preeti left him and started living in his apartment. However, Preeti told police that she was not divorced from Deepak. Preeti was raised by her maternal grandmother, who lives in Delhi.

After the murder on the night of August 6, she had left the apartment on the morning of August 7 only to retrieve the suitcase. Neighbors said in hushed language that after the revelation of the murder, they could not believe it because when she left and returned after three hours, her actions were completely normal. There was no sign of such a big incident anywhere. The police are also investigating the role of the car driver, as Preeti could not lift such a huge and heavy wheeled bag on her own.

Preeti, who lives in Tulsi Niketan, lived here for about 7 years. Here, he used to keep good contact with people in the neighborhood at first. But after entering Firoz’s life, his contact was reduced. When the neighbors asked questions, she left with a roundabout answer. He only spoke to a few people. The accused woman had been living in a relationship with Feroze for 4 years, leaving her husband. They met in a car coming from Delhi. After that, they started dating. Then slowly he started coming home and started staying for several days.

Preeti was working in a company in Noida, from where she also lost her job. Since then, she constantly hoped that Firoz would marry her and that she could live her life again, but she couldn’t take the shock when Firoz cheated on her. In such a situation, he did not take a step like suicide but took a terrible step like murder. Firoz worked as a hairdresser in Delhi.

After killing her on Saturday night, Preeti drove to Seelampur Delhi on Sunday and bought a suitcase to dispose of the body. Sunday evening, keeping Firoz’s body in a bag, he went to hide it. Preeti told police that she left the bag on a train at Ghaziabad station, leaving no one to be suspicious of her.


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