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Who is the DM of Kanpur Dehat Neha Jain



Kanpur Dehat: Mother-daughter burned to death due to fire while clearing encroachment at Kanpur Dehat. There is a lot of politics going on in this matter now. While the opposition people are attacking the government, questions also arise about the attitude of the administration of Kanpur Dehat. On one side, where mother and daughter were burned alive, there is a ruckus, while in the meantime, questions are also raised about the role of Kanpur Dehat DM Neha Jain. Let’s take a look at Dr. Neha Jain’s journey from dentist to IAS topper.

Everyone is raising questions about the role of the DM and other officials on social media. Meanwhile, DM Neha Jain is also seen dancing on stage at Dehat Mahotsav. The video of Neha Jain’s dance has gone viral on social media. After Kanpur Dehat incident, people don’t like this video of DM’s dance on social media and people criticize him a lot.

Who is Neha Jain
Dr. Neha Jain is from Delhi and did his early education in Delhi only. After that, Neha got a degree in dentistry from a prestigious institute in Delhi. After graduating, he joined a job as a consultant dentist. She didn’t want to take any chances with her career, so she started preparing for UPSC along with work.

Had a desire to become an IAAC
Dr. Neha Jain had a desire to become an IAS since childhood. It was determined that I had to take the UPSC exam. Taking time off from his work as a dentist, he began to prepare. Dr. Neha Jain was trying to study more and more on weekends. His family members also supported him during his UPSC preparation.

Took time to study between jobs
Neha Jain used the online courses the most during the UPSC exam. He also thought the online courses provided good guidance. If you use more websites, the confusing situation persists. For this, only the selected website should be used. Neha used to take time off to study for 4-5 hours a day while working. In this way, Neha Jain had passed the second attempt.

Have been posted in these posts
Prior to becoming the deputy minister of Kanpur Dehat, IAS Dr. Neha Jain was assigned as an additional director at UPCIDA. In the past, she was assigned to Agra during training. After that, he took over as SDM Manager in Lucknow and Development Manager in Firozabad. Yogi government minister Pratibha Shukla has also made serious allegations regarding DM Neha Jain. She says that despite being a woman, she couldn’t do justice to another woman.

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