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Who was the girl in the yellow suit doing the video for the Umesh Pal murder case?



Prayagraj: Every day there are new revelations in the Umesh Pal murder case. The STF engaged in the arrest of the attackers is now looking for a girl in a yellow suit. On February 24, as the shooter fired bullets at Umesh Pal and his shooter on the road in Sulemsarai area in broad daylight, this girl stood in the distance and filmed the whole incident. Amidst the echo of bullets and explosions of bombs, the whole road was empty there. Passers-by were hiding here and there for their lives, but this girl was not at all scared. In the video that has surfaced, she is seen standing without fear.

One day ago, when the luxurious house of Atiq Ahmed’s special henchman, Zafar Ahmed, was being demolished in the locality of Chakia, a girl was standing and shooting a video during that time also. As soon as the police spotted her and attempted to question her, she immediately fled the scooter. STF suspects this is the same girl in the yellow suit who was making the Umesh Pal murder case video. This girl is said to be broadcasting a live broadcast to imprisoned Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf through a live app.

The fear of the meeting haunts Atiq Ahmed?

Let us tell you that Atiq Ahmed has asked the Supreme Court to oppose his transfer from Sabarmati prison to Prayagraj. Ahmed fears for his life during a clash with the police. Ahmed said in a plea that some local leaders conspired to kill Umesh Pal. Umesh Pal was killed in Prayagraj on February 24, in which Atiq Ahmed’s wife, four sons and brother were implicated on mere suspicion.

The petition further states that the petitioner has no motive to kill Umesh Pal as the hearing is going to end next month and the court will decide the case once the arguments are over. Ahmed said he had been a provincial deputy for five consecutive terms and an elected deputy once. He argued that some Uttar Pradesh government leaders could not accept his wife’s enthronement in the Bahujan Samaj party and her name as the BSP candidate in the municipal elections, as they would in the local elections. and the next general elections in 2024. your destiny.

The opposition threw oil on the fire after the murder of Umesh Pal: Atiq Ahmed

It was said in the petition that after the murder of Umesh Pal, the opposition threw fuel on the fire. He prompted Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to say that he would eliminate the mafia (me) mafia ko mitti mein mila dunga, as a petitioner the main topic of debate in the House. It is further stated that this statement by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has given credence to the underhanded design of some policemen who play into the hands of the petitioner’s political rivals. They plan to eliminate the petitioner and his brother in transit from prison to court. There have been few such incidents in Uttar Pradesh by UP police in the past three years.