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Why there was rowdiness in Meerut before Holika Dahan



Merut: In Uttar Pradesh, two communities clashed over Holi donations in Hari Nagar under Brahmpuri Police Station in Meerut. The feud escalated so much that people from the two communities came face to face and there was a lot of stone throwing. Many people were injured by stone throwing and vehicles parked there were also damaged. The police, who were informed of the stone throwing, somehow handled the situation, at present the situation remains tense.

The controversy began over donations
Residents said Brahmapuri Harinagar residents were collecting donations for Holi and members of the Muslim community also went to nearby shops to collect donations, some donated and some refused. That the inhabitants of the two communities found themselves face to face and that there were many scratches of stones.

Police form a peace committee made up of dignitaries from both sides
The police started meeting with the dignitaries of both communities to keep the peace and understand the people of their society, the same people from the social services organization were also engaged.

The police continually march the flag
Due to the festival, SSP including Meerut ADG Zone, IG Meerut Range, now SP is continuously marching the flag in the city, after such incident exposes the police system. At the same time, the police intelligence also seemed to have failed.

The case echoed all the way to Lucknow
When news of the stone throwing reached Lucknow, officers’ mobile phones began ringing and officers were seen at the scene, while officers seated in Lucknow take instant updates.

the meeting took place two days ago
In Meerut, just two days ago, the SSP and DM held a peace meeting of dignitaries of all religions in the multi-national hall of the police line, in which all the SHOs were also present and people assured that they would keep the peace regarding Holi and Shav-e-Raat, but this incident happened two days after Holi itself.