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Yogi On Akhilesh: Stolen UP money was used to buy islands in Australia, hotels in England… Yogi Adityanath attacked SP again



Lucknow: After taking on the Samajwadi party in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Yogi Adityanath also made several serious allegations against the opposition party in the Legislative Council. Without naming anyone, Yogi said people used to buy islands in England and Australia by stealing state money. He also targeted SP leader Swami Prasad Maurya who raised questions about Ramcharitmanas. Praising Prime Minister Modi, Yogi said today Pakistan is full of bread but the world is overwhelmed with the way India is performing.

Keeping his point on the BJP government budget presented by Suresh Khanna, Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath said, “We did what we said. Our party had put 130 resolutions before the people of the state in 2022. Out of this, a budget of 64,000 crore has been allocated to fulfill 110 resolutions. Total revenue receipt in 16-17 was 86,000 crore, in this fiscal year our revenue will reach 2 lakh 20,000 crore. What happened before was sales tax and VAT. 49,000 crore to 51,000 crore were received from it. We are going to get up to 1 lakh 25,000 crores in this financial year.

Yogi said that till March 2017, 12,000 crore was available in state excise, today that amount will be 45,000 crore. When this money was stolen, people were buying hotels in England and islands in Australia. Money that should have been spent on making plans for the poor, the farmers, the young and the old. We have done this work without increasing the price of diesel and gasoline. Today the rate is lowest in UP.

CM Yogi again surrounded the opposition and said that I had said yesterday also that there were two ways to solve the problem, either join in or run away. We have a solutions team. When we talk about Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, we are talking about caste. When we talk about the Global Investors Summit, they are talking about caste. When we talk about budget, we talk about caste. Knowing all this, this is why the young people of UP faced an identity crisis. In this regard, a great scholar said that the solution to the problem depends on who your advisor is. Duryodhana’s advisor was Shakuni and Arjuna’s advisor was Shri Krishna.

On the Manas controversy, Yogi says that it would be his culture that he was cursing his heritage. Commented Tulsidas, the great medieval saint. The country and the world are drawn to his legacy. There is an anecdote related to Tulsidas, when he started writing Manas, the book was stolen, but no matter how big the personality of the problem giver, when there is the grace of God, no one can spoil anything . Yogi said that Tulsidas gave the epic to guide India.