FlyWheel Best Cloud Hosting For WordPress (Price) 2022

FlyWheel – Best Cloud Hosting For WordPress Websites: Managed WordPress hosting generally provides a better experience than a shared platform. This is obviously an option to consider if your budget can grow – the only question is which hosting provider is managed in selecting. To help you out in this endeavor, this is our FlyWheel cloud hosting review for WordPress websites.

FlyWheel Cloud Hosting

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Flywheel is one of the most popular hosting providers managed by WordPress, and the reason is easy to figure out. They offer a range of features good for ordinary WordPress users and agencies – but are they a good choice for your unique needs? Online regular many peoples search for flywheel cloud hosting, flywheel WordPress cloud hosting, flywheel web hosting and flywheel cloud hosting pricing, etc.

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This article will learn about WordPress exclusive features, support team rentals, performance benchmarks, and price information. Let’s get this Flywheel cloud hosting for WordPress review on the road! Have you ever heard of WordPress Flywheel Web Hosting? Maybe you’re a designer or agency owner looking for a web host for clients, and someone recommends FlyWheel. Or maybe you just looked up ‘Managed WordPress Hosting‘ and found a Flywheel the first time.

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If yes, then this article is for you! Not only do we use FlyWheel to host this site for many years, but we’ve also built several new test sites on new accounts to get additional real-life data. To give you their comprehensive, balanced and unbiased service evaluation, we have taken a new, in-depth look at all the features FlyWheel cloud web hosting offers, including the latest steps in using the Google Cloud Platform for their hosting. Huh. Basic Infrastructure.

Flywheel - Best Cloud Hosting For WordPress

Below, we break down the advantages and disadvantages of choosing wheels, their prices, other managed WordPress web hosting services, what kind of loading (using two very different and very popular WordPress themes), and the level of work time it will take. You can expect it. In addition, we’ll look at how many visitors access the FlyWheel cloud hosting site and how it affects loading times, which shows you how FlyWheel performs in real-world situations.

Flywheel – Best Cloud Hosting For WordPress

Flywheel differs from most other managed WordPress hosting companies by providing several features that make it easier for designers and web developers. Moreover, these features are wrapped up in a stylish, easy-to-use interface.

We’ll go deeper, but for a quick overview, here are some of the features:

  • Ability (free) for clients to create a password-protected demo site.
  • Locally built local development tools for building (and learning) a WordPress website.
  • Migration is performed and free to a fast and easy WordPress website.
  • Ability to create and store the configuration of WordPress websites for reuse.
  • Automated WordPress website repository and updates.
  • Management control panel and website management are well designed and effortless.
  • Ability to change the FlyWheel image using the white add-on label (learn next).

Along with providing WordPress cloud hosting that is managed with high performance and is secure, it becomes a lot easier to build a crazy private snag demo website where your customers can see a preview of the development and design you have done. Some interesting features automate and lean web hosting billing for your customers, helping them simplify the process of submitting sites – something designers and web developers will certainly appreciate.

We’ll discuss the most important features in-depth, but if you’re looking for a web host that understands your needs as a designer or developer, this Flywheel reveler is worth your time reading.

Flywheel WordPress Cloud Hosting Features:

Before we get to the results of the speed test and handling of site loads, here are our thoughts on the best features of the Flywheel.


New Flywheel – Improve new hosting infrastructure and partner with Google Cloud Platform to become a true cloud hosting company. One of the main benefits for FlyWheel customers is that now the resources available for their website can grow almost directly and without limits, producing faster loading times and a more stable hosting environment.


With regular hosting, a website is stored on a physical server allocated with fixed resources, such as memory power, storage, and processing. But with cloud hosting, multiple computers are linked together to form a single cloud environment.


This cloud web hosting – which consists of several physical computers – is then split into virtual servers, and your website is hosted on one of these virtual servers; unlike physical servers with specified resources, resources – including memory power and processing available for virtual servers – are drawn from all computers on the cloud network. Because FlyWheel uses Google Cloud Platform, one of the largest nearby providers, the resources available on your website are nearly endless.


With traditional hosting, your website may overtake the physical server it is hosted on, causing performance problems, such as slow loading times or being unable to be available. Once this issue is detected, migration to a better server may resolve this issue, but this process can lead to downtime and other problems as your website and file are transferred.

Also, in the future, if your website continues to grow in popularity and size, you may need to grow and migrate again. But with cloud hosting, the resources available on your website are increased automatically or with the touch of a button, depending on how the platform is configured. Thanks to this, often nails in traffic or an increase in visitor numbers are easily handled without reducing page speed.


Another benefit of cloud hosting is the increase in strength. Because your website is hosted on a server network, the cloud network will still function if the server goes offline. Whereas with traditional hosting, if the server your website is hosted on, your website will also not be accessible. Google Cloud Platform isn’t the only update to FlyWheel hosting infrastructure. Flywheel has also improved its fluid technology to provide better performance for its host WordPress website.

Thanks to this improvement and partnership with Google, the FlyWheel cloud platform now allows you to host your WordPress website on the same infrastructure that Google uses for its end-user product while still being able to snag Dashboard Spontaneous Management has managed your website and hosting account through you. Then in our FlyWheel cloud hosting price review, you can see their ability to handle a surge of traffic during the loading times of our test sites conducted on the new cloud platform.


Flywheel offers a solid on-demand cloud hosting experience at an almost budget price. A cheaper option, but few can match FlyWheel cloud hosting regarding overall service quality. If you are a WordPress user with little room in your budget, then Flywheel is the best cloud hosting for WordPress websites and my favorite option when I look for budget-friendly cloud hosting for WordPress blogs.

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