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Google Cloud – Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress in 2022



Google Cloud PlatformBest Cloud Hosting for WordPress: Hundreds of shared hosting providers can host your site for less than $5 per month if they’re good. However, when traffic increases, to find fast-loading sites, lasting security, to run an eCommerce store, you need secure WordPress cloud hosting and more.

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There are thousands of people and bloggers or site owners who regularly search for Google Cloud, GCP, Google Cloud Platform, google cloud storage, Google Cloud print etc. related terms because they want to Best Cloud Hosting Platform.

Most old WordPress site owners go beyond single hosting to large selected VPS and Cloud VMs (Virtual Machines) as they are asked to move to cloud hosting as fast, and heavy traffic load can increase. If your website goes down, you lose money every minute you go offline. And I don’t know about you, but I hate the idea of ​​losing money. Although your website can go down for a variety of reasons, most of the time, your server is the wrong web host.

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Google Cloud Platform – Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress:

Google Cloud Platform - Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress

Here is my list and comparison of five of the best Google Cloud Platform WordPress hosting services on the market with which you can host your WordPress or WooCommerce site.

1. Kinsta hosting works on GCP – Google Could Platform

Whether you have a hundred visitors to your site in a month or a thousand visitors an hour, Kinsta can easily handle the burden of your website. They have all their customer WordPress sites at the Google Cloud Premium Platform level. The premium tier offers servers and more resources to ensure your website is sailing happily and smoothly.

If you want to ensure that your website can easily be improved from many visitors to thousands per month, Kinsta is a perfect cloud hosting choice. Their services can be easily improved from their dashboard. Every time you want to expand your website, you can improve your package.

Even in their most basic plan, you get a free CDN with 50GB of bandwidth. CDN helps to increase the speed of your website by printing the files on your website to servers without results worldwide and then serving the files to your website from the nearest server. This reduces delays and makes your website faster than in F1 cars.

There is a plan to provide free site migration services to all. After registering, you can contact their support team to migrate your WordPress site from another web host to their server. Because they host your site on the Google cloud platform, you can choose from 18 different locations around the world for your website.

Although they reserve your website every day, you can manually reserve it with the dashboard with several clicks on your website. Every time you install a new plugin or make a new change, you can do this so that you can return your website to the state it was in when something got damaged.

2. CloudWays is based on Google cloud hosting

Cloudways managed cloud hosting may not exist for long but has quickly become a favorite option for bloggers and business owners who want to harness the strength, speed, and scale of cloud platforms like Google Cloud and DigitalOcean without knowing that it turns out that for code. They provide simple server settings that you can use to access the WordPress site. They are more than just WordPress hosting providers; They provide cloud hosting, which is managed using a platform like Google Cloud.

If you are not used to, the idea behind their service is quite simple. They allow you to host your website on platforms like Digitalosian, which previously provided for developers and engineers and gave you 24/7 experts for a small increase in the overall price. Thousands of website owners rely on Cloudways to keep their websites running smoothly and smoothly.

If you don’t know anything about cloud hosting websites on servers, Cloudways is the way to go. Their customer service will handle you through the process of building and maintaining your website. They will also completely migrate your site from other web hosts. The best thing about Cloudways is that you have the best support and site with this platform.

3. WP Engine is based on Google Cloud Hosting

Whether you are a small business that sells news sites a year or news sites that receive millions of visitors a week, WP Engine solutions will meet all your needs. Their services are easy to use and very revealing.

They offer a fully managed host. This means that once you register and manage WordPress, you can rest easy (or maybe a certain blog) that your website will be up all the time. If your site goes down or there are some issues on the server, their team will be ready to mitigate the problem and make a backup of your site.

The best part about their plan is that they all include a CDN for your website. The CDN will speed up your website by serving your website file from the nearest visitor’s server. However, if you are just starting, the price of WP Engine cloud hosting can seem expensive; But if you want the best quality service, WP Engine is the right way. Their support expert team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions via telephone, email, and support.

The initial plan, named Startup, provided 10GB SSD storage and 50GB monthly bandwidth. This is enough to run most websites. Not only that, you also get a free SSL certificate for all your websites in your account. Although their initial plan supports only one website, you can always add more sites to your plan at a small cost. The best part of registering with a WP Engine is that you get access to all 35+ themes of the StudioPress and Genesis theme frameworks. If you go out and buy it yourself, you’ll be charged over $1,000.

4. also works on the Google cloud platform

If you run an online store built on WordPress or WooCommerce, is the right choice for you. Their platform is designed for the WooCommerce site. offers managed WordPress hosting. Although their platform is designed for a WooCommerce site, you can also use it to run a normal vanilla-surrey WordPress site. Because this is a managed cloud hosting service, the security support team maintains and handles your website. Their support team is available for technical support via direct chat and email.

The best part about is that they offer a 10-day free trial that doesn’t require a credit card. You are free to register and play with their own servers so you can see for yourself how easy their services are to run a WooCommerce/WordPress site. What I like the most about this platform is the ability to give you the ability to plan your plan. Depending on the server resources you need to run your website, you can create a Google Cloud Platform WooCommerce hosting plan.

Final Words

All the GCP WordPress hosting providers on this list were selected based on their performance and reliability. Most importantly, they all use the Google Cloud Platform. If you are just starting, we recommend you go with WP Engine or Kinsta, as they both provide excellent support and are suitable for beginners or business owners who do not like to pollute their hands.

If you are a hardcore developer or a person who likes code, you must go with a loss. Their platform is designed by developers for developers and offers many different tools to create a smooth experience for you when switching from development to production environment. I hope you will surely like Google cloud hosting for WordPress websites.

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