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15,000 Australians rally against reversing US abortion law



Protesters called for easy access across the country.


Thousands of Australians joined vigorous protests across the country on Saturday against the US Supreme Court overturning women’s constitutional right to abortion.

The Supreme Court last week overturned the landmark 1973 ruling of Roe v. Wade, restoring the ability for individual states to ban abortions.

In the largest rally in Australia, around 15,000 women and men marched through Melbourne with placards including “I borrowed this sign from my grandmother,” and “Everyone deserves the right to bodily autonomy.” .

One of the organizers of the protest, Liz Walsh, said, “We are here to stand up for women’s rights in Australia and around the world. Millions of women in the United States have been taken away from them and we are outraged. ” in Melbourne.

As now in the United States, in Australia, abortion laws are set by the states. The country’s most populous state, New South Wales, only legalized abortion in 2019 – the last state to do so.

The time frame for accessing surgical abortion after conception and the provision of abortion services varies from state to state, with some providing more public health care than others. South Australia banned private abortion clinics.

Protesters called for easy access across the country.

Melbourne protester Geraldine Bilston said: “I stand out today in solidarity with women and girls in America in their protest and advocacy for their rights of choice and that abortion is healthcare and every woman deserves it.”