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6-year-old girl shoots grandmother in moving car



6-year-old girl shoots grandmother in moving car

Police found the shooting to be “accidental” after interviewing the six-year-old.

According to a Fox News report, on February 16, a six-year-old girl shot her grandmother from the back seat of a moving car in Florida, US.

According to a press release issued by the North Port Police Department, the girl found her 57-year-old grandmother’s gun in the back seat of the car. He then shot her in the lower back around 3 p.m. They said, “A 57-year-old woman reported that her 6-year-old granddaughter found a firearm in the back seat of the vehicle and accidentally fired a single bullet through the driver’s seat, injuring her lower back.” Went.”

The police department noted that the weapon was originally located in a holster, “in the back pocket of the driver’s seat, under a seat cover”.

However, the woman was able to go home and called the US emergency helpline number 911. He was then taken to a hospital with “non-life-threatening injuries”.

The North Port Police Department said that an investigation has been launched into the matter and the girl has also been questioned. “An interview of the child was conducted by people from the Child Protection Center in North Port. All other parties involved were also questioned,” he said in the press release.

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Police Chief Todd Garrison released a statement saying, “This is an unfortunate example of the importance of gun safety.” Mr Garrison said that although “it looks like everything will be fine”, the incident “could have been much worse, not only for the grandmother but also for the child”.

He concluded by saying, “Please take appropriate measures to ensure that children do not have access to firearms.”

Police found that the shooting was “accidental” after interviewing the six-year-old child and others.

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