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Children lead the way in England’s COVID-19 spread



The spread of COVID-19 infection has increased in England. (Representative)

Britain’s Office of National Statistics said on Friday that the spread of COVID-19 infections in England increased in the week ending 25 September, leading to an increase in infections among school children.

Schools in England have been open for almost a month, and some epidemiologists have expressed concern about rising cases among children, although this has yet to translate into a continued increase in infections for the population more broadly.

The estimated prevalence among secondary school-age children was 4.58%, meaning that more than 1 in 25 tested positive for COVID-19, compared with 2.2% of the aged testing positive in the past week. compared to 81% of children.

The overall prevalence figure for England was 1 in 85, slightly higher than the previous week’s figure of 1 in 90, although it is lower than two weeks ago, when it was estimated at 1 in 80.

Government data suggests that the estimated COVID-19 reproduction numbers may also rise slightly.

The ONS Infection Survey estimates infection numbers in the community beyond those who have come forward for testing, using samples to give an estimate of prevalence that is unaffected by fluctuating daily testing figures .

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has outlined a winter plan to tackle the coronavirus, and a COVID-19 shot is being offered to children over the age of 12.

But vaccination of people aged 12-15 began only last week, leaving other countries in England and the United Kingdom behind the United States and some other European countries.

In Scotland, which sets its own health policy and where schools went back to mid-August, recorded daily cases have fallen after hitting a record high in late August.

The ONS said the prevalence of cases had fallen but was still higher than in England, which had 1 in 55 infected.

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