China instructs hospitals to curb Kovid

Covid in China: Mainland China had 103,295 symptomatic cases as of 6 January


China reported fewer COVID cases on Friday as several cities imposed curbs on movements, while a top official warned hospitals that patients were turned away after a woman miscarried during a lockdown in the city of Xian. Do not

China reported 116 domestically transmitted infections with confirmed clinical symptoms for Thursday, mostly in Xian and Henan provinces, down from 132 a day earlier, official data showed on Friday.

Xian, a city of 13 million in northwest China, entered its 16th day of lockdown, though officials said the outbreak there had been brought under control. Xian is in Shaanxi province which borders Henan.

“The risk of a large-scale rebound of the (Xian) outbreak is largely contained,” the official Xinhua News Service quoted Disease Control and Prevention official Li Kun as saying in a story published late on Thursday.

During Xian’s lockdown, residents have complained about a lack of access to food and medical care, and the story of a pregnant woman who lost her unborn child after waiting outside a local hospital for two hours, Chinese Anger flared up on social media and city officials were punished. ,

Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Sun Chunlan said he was “pained and deeply embarrassed” about the difficulties people are facing in accessing hospital services in Xian, Xinhua news agency said.

The Sun was quoted as saying, “Medical institutions should not turn away patients under any pretext… during Covid control.”

On Friday, the city government said people without evidence of negative test results within 48 hours should not be prevented from leaving their residential premises to hospital, reversing the previous requirement.

The outbreak in China is smaller than in many overseas, and the highly transmissible Omicron variant among local infections in Henan or Xian has yet to be announced, but local governments have maintained high vigilance.

China’s policy to prevent further spread of any group has emphasized additional urgency for the Winter Olympics, which are staged in Beijing and neighboring Hebei province starting February 4, and the Lunar New Year holiday travel season. Starting low. more than two weeks.

No new deaths were reported on Thursday, leaving the death toll unchanged at 4,636. As of January 6, 103,295 symptomatic cases were confirmed in Mainland China, including both local and imported cases.

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