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Cases have started to drop in Xi’an in recent days, with only six reported on Thursday. (file)


Two hospitals in the Chinese city of Xi’an, one of which refused to treat an eight-month-pregnant woman who later miscarried, have been closed, officials said on Thursday.

The historic city, one of many facing a coronavirus outbreak in China, is under strict home confinement for three weeks in line with Beijing’s “zero-Covid” strategy.

Top health officials were forced to apologize last week after a disturbing social media post – which included photos and videos of a woman sitting on a plastic stool outside a blood-soaked Gaoxin hospital – was forced to flout the megacity’s harsh imposition of rules. But expressed displeasure.

He was refused treatment as his negative Covid-19 test was slightly out of the 48 hours required.

In a separate incident at another hospital, a Xi’an resident said his father had died last week after he could not receive medical treatment for a heart condition due to “epidemic regulations”.

Both hospitals have been warned and asked to “suspend operations for three months for improvement”, and will be allowed to reopen only after obtaining approval.

The city’s health commission said in a statement on Thursday that both hospitals “failed to perform their duties of saving lives and rescuing the injured”.

“This delayed the rescue, diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients, attracted widespread public attention and had a bad social impact,” health officials said.

Gaoxin Hospital has been asked to suspend its general manager and dismiss several staff members, and another hospital to dismiss its president, suspend its deputy chief and remove the head nurse of its outpatient department. Having said.

The local government has faced widespread criticism for its handling of the crisis, with many residents complaining they did not have access to food and daily supplies, after being told they could not leave their homes.

Cases have started to drop in Xi’an in recent days, with only six reported on Thursday.

There have been more than 2,000 domestic infections in the city since December 9.

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