Emirates airline to temporarily resume US flights after delay in 5G rollout

Emirates on Tuesday announced a flight suspension due to security concerns over 5G near airports.


Emirates said on Thursday it would lift the suspension of flights to several US destinations in “temporary relief” after the launch of 5G networks near US airports was delayed due to security reasons.

Flights to six destinations will resume on Friday, and services to Boston, Houston and San Francisco will return to Boeing 777 aircraft after switching to Airbus A380s on Saturday, the Dubai-based carrier said in a statement.

The airline announced the flight suspension on Tuesday over concerns that 5G mobile networks launched by AT&T and Verizon could interfere with altitude-measuring altimeters.

Telecom firms agreed to delay 5G services around airports as super-fast networks opened without any major disruption on Wednesday.

“We welcome the latest development that enables us to resume essential transportation links to the US to serve passengers and cargo shippers,” said Emirates President Tim Clarke.

“However, we also know that this is a temporary respite, and a long-term solution will be needed.”

US mobile operators AT&T and Verizon on Tuesday agreed to a partial delay in activating their 5G networks after an outcry from American Airlines, which warned of travel chaos.

Telecom giants spent billions of dollars getting 5G licenses last year, but aviation industry groups raised concerns about possible interference with airplane radio altimeters, especially in bad weather.

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