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Havana syndrome “highly unlikely” to be caused by foreign actor, US says



Havana syndrome 'extremely unlikely' foreign actor, US says

The first cases of what is known as Havana syndrome emerged in Cuba in 2016.


The Washington Post reported Wednesday that US intelligence agencies have concluded that it is “very unlikely” the mysterious illness known as Havana syndrome, which has afflicted US personnel, was caused by a foreign actor or energy weapon. .

The first case of what is known as Havana syndrome was reported in Cuba in 2016, which included complaints of nosebleeds, migraines and nausea after experiencing piercing noises at night.

US intelligence stated in 2022 that intense directed energy from an external source may have caused some cases of the debilitating condition.

And while the CIA said that same year that it was “unlikely” that a foreign actor had conducted a sustained campaign targeting American personnel, it could not rule out foreign attacks in nearly two dozen cases.

Five of the seven agencies participating in the intelligence review of the 1,000 so-called anomalous health incidents said it was “very unlikely” that a foreign actor was responsible, either intentionally using a directed energy weapon, or unintentionally, the Post reported.

Another agency said it was “unlikely” that a foreign adversary was responsible, while another did not participate, the newspaper said.

The Havana syndrome cases raised suspicions that Russia or another rival was waging a campaign to hurt US officials.

Reports of unexplained physical ailments spread to China, Russia, Europe, and even to US officials in Washington, leading to extensive investigations by the government.

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