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Joe Biden urges action against India’s ‘lack of rules’ in agriculture



US lawmakers urge Joe Biden to hold India accountable for alleged “business-distorting practices”


A group of US lawmakers has urged President Joe Biden to file a formal request for consultation with the World Trade Organization or the WTO on India on its alleged “dangerous trade-averse behavior”.

12 Congressmen said in a letter to Joe Biden that current WTO rules allow governments to subsidize up to 10 percent of the value of commodity production.

However, the Indian government continues to subsidize more than half of the value of production for many commodities, including rice and wheat.

India’s “lack of adherence to regulations” and the Biden administration’s “lack of enforcement” have disrupted global agricultural production and trade channels by driving prices down, reducing production of rice and wheat commodities, and putting US producers at disproportionate losses. given a new look. alleged in the letter.

“India’s practices are dangerously trade-distorting globally and affect American farmers and ranchers,” the letter said. The leadership in the letter was taken by Congressmen Tracy Mann and Rick Crawford.

“We urge the Administration to file a formal request for consultation with India in the WTO and to continue monitoring the domestic support programs of other WTO members that undermine fair trade practices,” he said.

America should not bow down to reach a consensus. Instead, the US should work to promote solutions that can address global supply chains and food shortages. The lawmakers demanded that action be taken to address those consumers most affected by inflation and rising food prices.

“It is up to American agriculture to contribute to creating resilient conditions for food security in America and around the world,” he said.

India has defended its stand in the WTO. Many countries and organizations around the world have praised India for protecting the interests of its farmers.

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