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Jordan says Pandora Papers claims threaten ‘safety’ of royal family



Jordan’s King Abdullah II listens during a meeting in Amman, Jordan. (file)


Jordan’s King Abdullah has properties in the United States and Britain and it was no secret, the royal palace said, adding the privacy and security reasons behind it were not disclosed.

In a massive leak of financial documents published on Sunday, King Abdullah, a close ally of the United States, was accused of spending more than $100 million on luxury homes in the United Kingdom and offshore the United States. accounts were used.

“It is no secret that Her Majesty owns several apartments and residences in the United States and the United Kingdom. This is not unusual or unreasonable,” the statement said.

Five years after the leak known as the “Panama Papers” the dumping of millions of records tying world leaders to secret reserves of wealth revealed how wealth was concealed by the wealthy in such a way that law enforcement agencies could. Couldn’t figure it out.

The Jordanian palace said that these properties were used during official visits and some of them are used during private visits.

It said there were security reasons behind not disclosing foreign assets brought in from the personal income of the king and not from state funds.

“The cost of these properties and all related expenses have been personally funded by Her Majesty. None of these expenses have been funded from the state budget or treasury,” the statement said.

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