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Makers of Stunning Custom-Made Rolls-Royce Phantom Expect to Sell It for $5.2 Million



The car was manufactured by Denton Arts Customs, driven by Frenchman Alexandre Denton.

A stunning matte-black Rolls Royce Phantom with six wheels has been unveiled by a custom car workshop. The car is based on the 2005 Phantom and was built by Denton Arts Customs, driven by Frenchman Alexandre Denton. According to LaddableMs Denton hopes to sell her massive creation for five million euros ($5.2 million).

Take a look at the car below:

Mr Denton has been modifying cars for almost two decades at his chateau in France. He reportedly spent three months taking the masterpiece apart and re-pieces. According to Laddable, he re-leathered the seats, added crocodile leather to the steering wheel, and even covered the armrests with snake skin. It also gets gold plated brake calipers to provide a contrast to the matte black finish of the car.

On the outside, Mr Danton expanded the Phantom using the shell and rear axle of the 2005 BMW Seven Series, the latter accommodating additional wheels. The car also gets roof rack, yellow light bar and additional side steps.

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According to the automotive website hotcarsThe power of this Rolls Royce Phantom 6×6 comes from the 6.8-litre V-12 engine from the 2005 model. According to the outlet, the standard Phantom engine did not receive any mechanical modifications from Mr Denton, although a non-standard gold leaf covers the engine.

Meanwhile, Mr Denton is known for his modified cars. He specializes in making hot rods. His work includes a 1971 Porsche 911T, whose original engine has been swapped for a 6.75-liter Bentley V8 engine and a 1970 Lamborghini Espada Sant’ Agata powered by a new V12 engine from Bolognese.