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Missing Argentine man found in shark’s stomach, family identifies with tattoo



Missing Argentine man found in shark's stomach, family identifies with tattoo

The shark in which the human remains were found measured about 1.5 meters

The remains of an Argentine man who went missing earlier this month were discovered inside the stomach of a shark. Metro informed of. According to the report, 32-year-old Diego Barria was last seen riding his bike on February 18 near the coast of Argentina’s southern Chubut province. An extensive search was made, but the authorities could not trace him.

Ten days later, two fishermen said they had caught three school sharks near the spot where Mr Baria’s vehicle was found. While they were dissecting the shark, they found the remains of a forearm, and immediately contacted Coast Guard officials.

Daniela Milatruz, the main officer behind Mr Baria’s discovery, told local media that the fishermen had said “when they were cleaning [the sharks] In one of them they found human remains.”

“We believe Diego was in an accident and we are investigating whether any vehicles were involved,” Ms Milatruz said.

Mr. Baria’s family members were able to identify his body based on a distinct tattoo that was visible. Meanwhile, DNA testing is being done to confirm the remains are his.

Cristian Ansaldo, chief of the police department in the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, said the school shark in which the human remains were found measured about 1.5 meters (4.9 ft). He said there was a strong tidal wave the weekend Mr Baria disappeared.

As to how he ended up in the water, Civil Protection spokesman Jose Mazei said, ”We currently have two hypotheses. One, he got injured. and the other, which weighs more, is that – because of the damage to the quad – it was beached unconscious and pulled up by the strong high tide.

However, the exact cause of death is not clear and all scenarios are now being investigated.

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