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Models fall off the runway at Milan Fashion Week. here’s why



Models fall off the runway at Milan Fashion Week.  here's why

The video of the catwalk is now going viral.

Swedish designer Beat Carlsson is known for creating viral runway shows. Recently at Milan Fashion Week, the designer showcased his Spring/Summer 2023 collection. The show saw dresses rip, heels break and accessories fall as the models walked the runway. what’s more? Eventually the wall also fell. All this was done intentionally.

Titled “Fake It Till You Break It”, the collection was intended to analyze and deconstruct the seriousness of fashion. The video of the catwalk is now going viral.

Check out the video here:

Speaking to Hypebeast about her latest collection, Ms. Carlson said, “I’m asking myself; why is luxury so serious? Is it because we strive to be perfect? ​​Is bad quality still great? Maybe? The previous collection was all about maintaining a false projection of wealth and the personal failure of losing face when this illusion came crashing down. I’m still on that subject, there’s something very interesting about shame and when What happens if we are weak? I asked myself; what is the most shameful thing that could happen to a fashion house and I thought the clothes could be torn apart.”

She told the paper she wanted to create a moment of shame and embarrassment, to see if it could co-exist, or even create luxury. “It’s a way of showing authenticity and strength,” he said.

In her previous shows at Milan Fashion Week, models were seen intentionally falling and stumbling on the runway. The one-of-its-kind fashion night left the audience in awe. Ms. Carlson told Hypebeast that she wanted to conceptualize the ideal of success and failure.

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