Mother Giraffe unexpectedly gives birth to calf in US zoo, spectators surprised

Mother Giraffe unexpectedly gives birth to calf in US zoo, spectators surprised

The image shows mother giraffe ‘Imara’ and baby giraffe ‘Tissa’.

A female giraffe at the Virginia Zoo in the United States unexpectedly gave birth to her baby calf in front of visitors earlier this month, which took them all by surprise.

On September 9, a post was shared by the zoo’s official Facebook handle along with a video of the baby and the giraffe’s mother. According to the verse, Imara, the giraffe’s mother, gave birth to her ninth calf on that day.

The calf was able to stand immediately after birth. The post further said that in order to check its health and ascertain its gender, the zoo keepers were instructed to plan a newborn check-up keeping a close watch on both the mother and the baby.

The video further shows that the giraffe mother comes to the baby and smells its head.

The post has garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of shares since it was shared. Many users congratulated Imara and the zoo.

The first user wrote, “Congratulations. A male giraffe was born to us at the Blanc Park Zoo in Des Moines last week. It was his firstborn. They are keeping a close eye on him, as he is his first.”

Another user said, “Wow! I remember when her first child, Willow, was born. Now at number 9! Congratulations Imara!”

According to a recent post shared by the zoo two days ago, the calf has been identified as a female and has been named ‘Teesa’. Zoo keepers chose the name Gambhir, which means nine in Swahili, and represents her birthday (9/9) and the number of calves her mother Imara has given birth to (9!).

“A special Digital Zoooption Package for $9.99 is available to celebrate their arrival until September 30. Those who purchase the Digital Zoooption Special will be entered to win a “Sneak Peak” behind-the-scenes giraffe tour, which includes a meet-and-greet And greetings will feature adopted animal and personal Q&A with the giraffe’s keeper,” the Facebook post further said.


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